Suicide: Short Story

Coco Rivers:

Such a great story, I thought I would share…

Originally posted on Sparks In Shadow:

I wrote this story in 1979. Before this one, my stories were stuck in a genteel loop of trying to find my voice in the ‘longing for love’ and ‘love lost’ stories that rolled off my pen, stories that incorporated the tearjerker side of the underlying otherness and pain I felt every day into the kind of stories I’d been exposed to that I thought were special because they’d been published in popular magazines.

I was the oldest ‘kid’ in my household and I didn’t have friends — definitely none to help me expand my oeuvre. I had an acquaintance who I thought was a friend at the time, who didn’t really understand me, but she wasn’t drawn to art the way I was. We didn’t explore galleries or offbeat places together and I didn’t explore those places much on my own. But I listened to a lot of radio…

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4 thoughts on “Suicide: Short Story”

  1. Coco, what a fabulous share! Trust you to find good content on the web, lady! I was thinking about you today–wondering what the weather is like in your neck of the woods and how it affects your business. I trust and pray all is well for you andthat this new year will be your best ever! Hugs! :)

    1. Hey Bella,

      The weather remains crazy and unpredictable. It’s been averaging in the 50′s which is too warm. However, it’s snowed 2x and forecasts say we will have a normal snowfall. I hope so lol. Business has ground to a halt as we wait for the snow and plan for the Spring. Even so, it’s a time to plan and ruminate, which is always good :). Besides, we ain’t the Spring chickens we used to be and can use the rest lmao.

      Thanks for thinking of me and hope that you’re on the mend. I especially appreciate it today as my mood can only be labeled as dark. Tomorrow will hopefully be better.



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