Connected & Destined

An orbit off course,

but on target.



A living composite.


I would spend forever soaking you in,

You, my soul mate,

My sweetest Sin.

To bask in the molten light of your spirit’s radiation

is to dance upon the edges of transcendence.


Parted, I yearn only for completion.

Grappling with a hunger that ravages my interior.

Thirsting to hear the passion of your heartbeat.

Needing to smell the seductive, earthbound aroma of your muskiness.

Bursting to feel the rolling swell of your laughter engulf me


the sweet expulsion of your soul’s breath.


Parted, I am seven steps from satisfaction,

always on the verge of precipitous action.

Six hundred minutes from drowning in your kiss.

Take me with you, Baby,

Take me to the Abyss.


Surrounded by the mountain of your arms,

I am in the midst of a love I could only imagine.

May our molecular cohesion never be severed,

it is a gift that I will always treasure.

I anticipate the inevitable evolution of synergy, off springs of desire…



I am titillated by your tongue and strung out on the cadence of your words,

The back-beat of my melody,

Your vowels,

My verbs,

Our consonants,

and non-sequiturs.


Our love has undergone gestation

Now manifested as the source of shared elevation,

spiraling elation and resonating vibrations…

 © 2010 Coco Rivers


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