If We Were Lions

If we were lions

we would relish the race,

revel in time

and tread silently in magic places.

Born to hunt our fill,

gorging ‘pon weaker prey,

our playground ever

the lush tapestry of moonlit plains.

If we were lions,

we would spend our time

drinking in night time breezes,

ascending to dizzying heights

amidst the canopy of Ebony trees.

Our wild calls once heard,

never forgotten,

hauntingly beautiful,

secret sonnets.

We could spend hours

supine and sleeping,

dreaming in the heat of the day.


entranced by nature’s symphony,

the sky a sentinel of sublime blues,

bejeweled by star dust,

scintillating solar giving way

to lunar moods.

If we were lions,

You’d ruffle my fur,

then lick me smooth

and share with me

a deep, mindless love.


lacking expectations,

unpolluted by the complexity

of  mental gyrations,

self-induced restrictions

and societal norms.

Equals in strength and desire,

fueled by primal desires,

we could bite and nip,

nibble and scratch

to our heart’s content,

reality bending to transcendent satisfaction.

If we were lions,

when we loved,

birds would take flight

as the sounds of our passion

peaked and climbed – heavenwards,

your mouth buried in my flesh

as you plunder,


plunder my depths.

You would obey

my every libidinous wish,

opening yourself

to my penetration

which fulfills our hunger

with equal parts

exquisite pain,

mind numbing tenderness

and its antithesis –

a calculated torture…



4 thoughts on “If We Were Lions”

    1. Just a month! I am a newbie lol. Is it obvious? 🙂 The Blogosphere is a new world to me and admittedly, I am already hooked. How about you? We looked at some of the artwork on one of your Interviews (?) yesterday and loved it btw.

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