When Beauty Answered…

I knocked upon doors

without number

searching for sweet surcease

and one sultry, August day,

Beauty answered me.

A beauty I had scarce imagined

and touched upon only in dreams.

An event which shocked all my senses,

in effect,

blinding me.

Joy was brief and sudden,

disintegrating as quickly as it came.

She is a two-faced mistress

who for her price

oft requires payment

– purified by pain.

I was

unprepared for the answer

that Beauty

was not mine to claim.

A sailor searches

seas for treasure,

My treasure found

– was lost at sea.

I stand before the gates of heaven,

bloated with unanswered questions,

and weighed down by grief.

They create tumultuous storms
that are mirrored in my Spirit’s keep.

Really then,

is this illusion?

Joy once found,

never meant to be?

I watch the silken hem of her skirts

as they swish fluidly round the bend,

departing from my dreams.


and only my strength

keeps me standing,

useless pleas dead in the void

before I give them breath to speak.

Why does my tongue thirst

and heart quaver

at the mere mention of Beauty’s name?

Only I know how my flesh burns

and fingers ache

by the phantom brushes

left in her wake.

I cannot atone for my ears

which yearn

for the beauty of a specific tone,

uttering three small words

or wreathed in the enormity of ecstatic moans.

Yet there is nothing,

and nothing,

and nothing….

Just an empty space

vibrating with the fading echo

of Beauty’s disappearing face.

My soul recoils

so deep the pain.


turning inwards,

‘pon myself

to feel

the softly, creeping stealth

of unimagined loss

as it covers me,

unveiling Self….



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