Exploring Venus

You said you didn’t want me
as if wanting was an emotion that you didn’t believe in.
Laughable, really, when it was so obvious that you needed me.
Needing is all together finer since it arises unbidden
And can not be denied.
I feel your heart clamoring
every time I come near you
and my heart, traitor that it is, strikes an answering chord.
My only safe articulation, Lust, summons me
and I emit my Siren call.

Ladylike, pristine, insular and refined,
I want you devastated with passion upon my sheets
Reeling with, what else, your need of me.

I fill you speechless with my Self,
The most devastating penetration,
And enjoy the escalating, ululations that seep
from the corners of your selves.

Do you want me when I have you pushed up against a dirty wall,
Too enflamed to wait for an appropriate place,
Dress gaping in front, stockings torn and your thong,
a distant memory,
balled upon the floor?

Do you want me when your head is arched back
and  I, only I, hover over your mouth
inhaling the heat and fullness of your life’s breath,
sucking sweetly, deeply, yet oh so fleetingly,
in an intimate dance with your tongue?

Do you want me when your clever façade is completely undone?

I love you, lanced with desire, mindless and pliant
And I make you eat your words as need comes pouring out your mouth.

Do you need me when we stand in front of a hotel window,
Shameless, miles above the clueless masses,
hands bound and breasts jutting from your red bustier,
as you moan,
my hands exploring Venus,
lost in juiciness,
blindfolded and weak?
When I leave you there in the cold, sterile wind
of abandoned desires,
do you need me then?

I need you and want you,
willing or unwilling,
Sweet vanilla syrup,
Overwhelming like the beauty of a thousand moons,
intoxicating like frangipani
Upon my tongue.

My pussy throbs for you
All the time, any time.
And I am stunned senseless by the phantasmagoric waves
Of my orgasms,
Which leave me sated and yet craving,
trembling and luminescent
in their tempestuous wake.
I stuff your orifices with my desire
And watch it expand
Until it weeps from your pores.
Then, you whisper beg me and ask for more.

What is want when need is so much more fulfilling?


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