Life…in motion

Thanksgiving has come and gone and I am still full! The food coma was delightful and this year I actually managed to practice gluttony without getting ill. A fine accomplishment, in my own mind lol. Even though we went to my Sister’s for Thanksgiving we cooked. I love to cook and have cooked every Turkey day for the last 23 years. Amazing, but true. This year, our menu consisted of Turkey with Herb Butter and Balsamic Vinagrette gravy, Mashed Potatoes with Creme Fraiche & Fennel; Macaroni & Cheese; Wild Mushroom Stuffing; Green Beans with Lemon & Pine Nuts; Cranberry & Cherry Sauce and Red Velvet Cake with Raspberries and Blueberries. I saved the Pecan Pie for another day. And yes, that is scaled down from the usual lol. It was all dee-licious and is still being savored.

Festivites aside, I was gratified to be invited to two different places this year. I ended up at my Sister’s which was, suprisingly, completely free of any drama. As many of us have said and lived, holidays are a mixed blessing. They can leave you cursing, exhausted and depleted or elated. I am happy to have experienced elation. Due in no small part to a concerted effort to leave my negative preconceptions behind and just be open to the experience.

It was wonderful to be with my Mom and sister. We are together so rarely. It was even better to see the kids and how they have grown. My niece, 16, and my cousin, 13, are growing so incredibly fast and it is fascinating to see how their minds are developing. My niece, in true Cancerian fashion, is now interested in Fashion and Cooking and like her auntie loves a good book. The child in me is delightfully alive and so we had a groovy conversation about Harry Potter, Dobby and the Twilight Series lol. I loved just looking at them. In them, I can see my Mom, my Grandmom, my Uncle….DNA is incredible. They don’t realize how heavily their mental makeup, expressions, likes and dislikes and physicality are influenced by their relatives but I do. And so I delight in seeing the old combined with the new and relish being part of their journey as I witness their becoming. Life…in motion.

I found myself surrounded by unconditional love and that is the best feeling in the world. It gave me joy which is even better than all the yummy food lol. It trumps all difficulties, all drama and past hurts. It reminded me, once more, of the need to be thankful, present and ever mindful. So, it is only Thanksgiving but I have already begun to craft my list of resolutions for 2011.

We strive, we grow, and hopefully attain wisdom. Never forget to share.


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