Welcome to the Blogosphere

Last night, I dreamed of a world gone silver and white. It was a futuristic time in which humans had lost variations of skin color and entered the next phase, opacity. It was oddly beautiful to see the blood rushing through the flesh, veins thrumming in transport and the organs going about their work. My dreaming self was thankful once again for clothes, what they hide and what they serve to emphasize. In my newfound world only the “connected” had color. Connected to what? The Net, of course.

Odd as that may seem it was indicative of what blogging has become to me. I diddled and dawdled for at least a year, trying to decide if I should have a blog. In that state of indecision, I saw an episode of House in which the patient was obsessed with the world that she had created with her blog. Obsessed, with her fans and argued ardently with her boyfriend that her blog was ” her truth”. She had no compunction about revealing every aspect of her (aka their) personal lives in her blog. How else could she tell the truth? Privacy,  a thing of the past. Needless, to say I thought she was daft but oddly on point. Privacy IS fast becoming a thing of the past. Who wants nameless strangers to know their every thought, examine their pains and steps of their journey? No sir, not me. At best, it was an edited universe and it confirmed for me what I thought about blogs. 

Then, I saw Julia and Julia and I was touched, inspired and humbled. Some journeys are worth sharing and I realized I was wrong. I ramped up my courage and incited by my friends dived in. So, here I am, new to the world of blogging, excited and happy that I have taken the step to become a part of so many unfolding stories. I believe this will be a love of long duration (the best kind) and am amazed to find:

1. That my blog has become a living entity. It is an outlet that allows for pure expression.

2. It satisfies the voyeur and student in me. Allowing me to peep into the minds and stories of others while teaching me new or forgotten lessons.

3. It enables connection transcending geographic, societal and economic boundaries.

4. It inspires me, as a writer, to hone my craft and release my fears.

5. It provokes me to delve into subjects, events, ideas that I would otherwise gloss over or miss.



4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Blogosphere”

  1. In a Comp II class a few weeks back, I was giving a brief overview of the history of fiction, and I was trying to explain to my freshmen that before the invention of the printing press, literacy was the domain of a very small handful of aristocrats, scholars, and priests. In the nearly 600 years since, literacy is now available to most of the world.

    Think about how profound it is that just a few generations back your ancestors could be killed for reading and writing, but today you have the opportunity to share your knowledge and ideas with the world. And in this medium, an African-American woman and a Southern white man have grown to be cyber-friends with shared interests and common likes. That’s progress, real progress.

    1. Thank you for this comment, D.A. It really touched me. I have pondered that very same thing and it is one of the things about slavery which fills me with sadness and horror, the denial of human potential and the resulting smallness of the universe.

      Language enables and transcends boundaries. I would not have been able to actualize to my full potential 100 years ago. My great-great grandmother was a slave…

      The ability to establish connections and find kindred spirits, globally, is one of the reasons that I love the Net.

      P.S. – Still agog about aeroponics :).

  2. I thought this was awesome so I had to tweet it. Definitely the best blog entry I’v read in a while. This thing is oozing with your passion. I have much to learn from you.

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