You wafted in

on summer breezes,

scented like

dissolution of lily.

Eyes dimmed

by untruths

yet uttered.


Soft to my sight,

like fallen petals.

Languid lashes,

wet with dew.

Skin invisibly scarred

with the evidence of battles

waged and lost.


Your tattoo,

etched for eternity

proclaimed “Tame Me”,

a silent taunt.

Was it then,


that you laid claim to my heart?


I took my time

and lapped

at the edges

of your consciousness.

That which you would let me see.


I gorged myself upon your syllables

until they gave forth their essence,

forgotten melodies.


I flogged myself

for my weakness,

but you danced

a pas de deux

in my dreams.


Why resist a call so insidious,

as it filled the spaces

between blood and heartbeat?


You leapt with laughter

at my silliness.

Convulsed mindlessly,

around my center

and formed a moue

at once so gentle,

and sensual

that I wished to sculpt it,

immortal forever.


We walked

as nights gave way to dawns

and drank till drunkeness

knew no more.

Twining silhouettes of tenderness,

lost and found,

love so instantaneous

it ran aground,

whispering secrets

as it slapped my face.


Unseen and tangible,

we communicated,



and pontificated

that which defies examination,

stoking the soul’s imagination.



I vowed never to forget you

and you,

you vowed

to ingest me,

so that what we’d found

would ever remain

in the spaces between

love and pain.


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