Chocolate & Cocoa

The sun turns the water a molten silver,

a riotous body suffused with power.

I contemplate it tirelessly,

for hours.

I am awake

to its vastness,

its many moods

and the effect of sun and moon…

 I want you to make love to me in the indefinable way that I’ve missed. I miss the unexpected. I miss your kiss and the soft sharp roughness that is your lips. Washing through me – over me – under me. Insidious… I miss your tongue drumming upon the roof of my mouth. Lapping at me. Sucking at me. Nibbling. Moaning. Biting. Just like a playful Lion. Big strong hands, Holding me still. Moving me beyond madness to gladness. I miss the completely animal way that you sweat. Hot, stinging salty drops mingling with my muskiness. I miss the thoroughness with which you plumb my depths. Wet, oh so wet. Warm, seeking only to climb higher and higher in your arms. Encircled by the unyielding steel and strength of you. Cocoa muscles. My Chocolate sin. I miss your feet like plows, firm and steady steps smacking my earth, making it yield to your every wish. I miss watching the expressions on your face as  you fill me. Fill me. The utterly sweet way that I make you groan. Do you remember? What splendor. The lushness… It’s not rushed, or hurried ever, this pace. In this place – where you and I are one – your armor is dropped, and you succumb to all the feelings I arouse in you. Incite you to. You talk to me. Whisper in my ear and at the pinnacle shout with me. Deeply. You are – oh – so – freaky. I am at odds to maintain any semblance of rationality. I give in to these feelings. I lose my masks. Give up all my bows and become The Quiver. Shivering and taut and wide open. Shoot me…. I miss our special song that is made up of sighs, groans, exultations and the sweet slapping sound of flesh upon flesh. Bodies melting. Minds melded. Chocolate and Cocoa  flowing down a mountainside.……..

***For ALC

 © Coco Rivers 2000


2 thoughts on “Chocolate & Cocoa”

  1. Good website! I actually love how it is easy on my eyes as well as the details are well written. I am wondering how I could be notified whenever a new post was been made. I have subscribed to your rss feed which really should work! Have a good day!

    1. Hi Demetrius! Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate the compliment. On the top right of my blog is the email subscription box. Just plug your details in and you will be emailed whenever there is a new post. I post 3 -4 times a week. Happy New Year!

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