Christmas – Past, Present & Future

Eeeek!! It really IS two days before Xmas and I have to say we have done a remarkable job of pretending that there is no holiday this year. It was not intentional but we have been very busy with un-Xmas like tasks. I have been working on my first ever residential landscape bid for eight apartment buildings, Art has been relocating stuff from the basement to a spare room which he is now painting the most fantastic ocean blue and let’s not forget the tax submissions. With year end approaching, the little business tasks mount incredibly fast. We have also, quite enjoyably, spent a good deal of time brainstorming for new ideas and changes that will be implemented in the business next year.

I suppose it is no wonder that I am ruminating on Christmases’ of days gone by. My best Christmas ever, I was ten years old. That year, I got the Barbie Dream boat AND the Sonny and Cher dolls complete with stage, a red letter day lol. When I was a kid, my mom used to take us to see the Ice Capades or The Christmas Spectacular every year. AWESOME!!! I love to ruminate on the silliness and playfulness that accompanied Christmas, my mom’s obsession with silver trees, my Great Grandmother’s Coffee Nog and Orange glazed cake, the sight of slightly sloshed adults and the smell of our house filled with good home cooking smells. 

As a Native New Yorker, I have always loved roaming 5th Ave., staring in all the holiday windows, especially Saks and Lord & Taylor’s. Oooh, and the Train show at the New York Botanical Gardens. Being a card junkie, I spent a ridiculous amount of time buying cards usually racking up a $100 (If you can believe that happy crappy!)  Sssssh, Hallmark is God to me. Besides gift buying, I have an obsession with ornaments that goes back 20 years to my first apartment. I am almost ashamed to say how many ornaments I have, enough to decorate 3 trees lol. Aaah, but that allows me to do themed trees and what is cooler than that?! I also give vent to my musical obsession and download Christmas tunes by Nat King Cole, Dean Martin, Sinatra and other greats from days gone by. And yes, I usually make a menu for our holiday dinner, savoring the thought of new Epicurious delights. It goes without saying, as a recovering shopaholic, that any time to legitimately shop is a good one. Finally, I drag my poor boyfriend off to get a Douglas Fraser Fir because no other will do. The smell of Pines and Firs aroma is nirvana. Our tree stays up till 1/27, in honor of my Mom’s birthday, just like when I was a kid. And yes, every year I have post-tree depression when we are forced to drag it out to the curb.

So, today, in a long, overdue nod to the holidays, we will finally get our tree, unpack all the ornaments and buy the turkey so we can repeat Thanksgiving’s gluttony (with egg nog thrown in). Dieting can wait until New Year dammit. Tomorrow will be decoration day, yeah!! While we decorate the tree, we watch Jerry Macguire, our own tradition. Although presents will be on the sparse side, I will still be overjoyed to wake up Christmas morning and be thankful for the intangible, my family, my friends and the glory of Christmases to come…


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