Snowmaggedon and the aftermath

Well, it’s 1 o’clock in the afternoon and by now you know that I wasn’t exaggerating. We got 3′ of snow in Hackensack and like many residents in the East, are still digging ourselves out. We arose at 4 AM just to get to the local Home Depot and get one of the TEN snow blowers they had left. There was a line, it’s all so surreal! It was still dark outside when we were riding home to continue what seems to be a day long endeavor of digging. My fiance and emergency staff have been on the road since 7:30 battling the wind and knee deep snow and I have been chained to the phone at the mercy of Suburban Snow Madness.  

I recall standing next to a man in Lowe’s on Xmas eve who said, “A white Christmas is the best. I am so sad that it is going to snow on Sunday, I can’t wait.” I hope wherever he is that he is satisfied!! For myself, the thought of Southern climes is becoming a well worn fantasy lol.

If you are warm in your house, be thankful to those who are dealing with the results of Mother Nature’s wrath so we can resume our normal lives tomorrow. I am thankful for everyone I’ve seen who has made an extraordinary effort to get their jobs done for those in need.


3 thoughts on “Snowmaggedon and the aftermath”

    1. Awww, thanks so much. You put a big smile on my face! My fiance will be very pleased with the compliment as he wrestles the snowblower out for the next 3 storms headed our way. Good lord lol. Laughter is the weapon of the angels ;). Have a great day…

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