Out with the Old…

New year, new you. Yeah, right!! Ok, ok, don’t shoot me. I am not being a doom crier, really I am not. I applaud everyone’s efforts at self improvement and have noticed with eerie fascination the onslaught of commercials aimed at our NY eve mindset of self improvement. Marketing genius and hoopla aimed at stealing our hard won dollars. My concern is that NY eve resolutions are made to be broken and the research backs me up. Various statistical sources cite that less than 15% of people on average actually KEEP their resolutions.

But I didn’t need to Google to find this out, I already knew it from my four + decades of experience. Since I am a writer, I have TONS of diary entries and letters to self that prattle on about resolutions and it is that hard evidence which bites me on the ass every time my mind foolishly danced towards resolutions this year. In my opinion, resoltions are like crash diets, you are all excited and committed at the beginning, desperate and starving by the middle and despondent and dejected by the end. Your body, hyped on adrenaline pills or radically reduced rations screams, FEED ME YOU IDIOT as it stubbornly holds on to fat stores for dear life. So, I simply REFUSE to put my critical, overly emotional self, through that this year. Life gave me enough reasons to despair last year and I am NOT putting out my own traps that will leave bloody chinks on my ankles LOL.

I think we can all agree that the desire for self improvement is good and necessary. In fact, I can honestly say that I believe life is a continual process of self improvement for the enlightened and NO resolutions are required. I believe, like many, that self talk has a large effect on how the brain manages information. Some words simply have the power to undo our best intentions and I think resolutions fall under that heading so, in an attempt to be kinder and gentler with myself, I have created a Work in Progress list (WIP). This list contains those things that I plan to work on, until I get it right. No pressure. It may just be a variation on words but it works for me. I am not starting out like gangbusters and jumping headlong into anything. I have given myself permission to move slowly towards my goal, and finally, permission to fail as long as I get back up. My failures are a reflection of me as well as my successes! Do you know how long it took me to learn and accept that? In truth, the only thing I would consider a resolution is the NOT giving up part and I can live with that!

WIP LIST 2011 

1. Working my way to Svelte

Yes, like 65% of Americans, I am overweight. My love of all things oral and cooking are no excuse lol. I am going to do what I have done previously with great success: Cut down on Carbs; Drink More Water: Eat at regular intervals (go figure); Eat healthy snacks and give up Seconds. I will be sad to see them go but jubilant at once again fitting into all the clothes that I can no longer wear. Doing mental visualizations of what it will feel like to run without being out of breath helps too.

2. Kicking it up a Notch

I am committing to walking, just that. I will not make crazed promises to walk 5x a week cause I know it ain’t gonna happen. Just 3x, 20 mins to start. The Art of the Start is everything. Once you get started and see results you are empowered to improve and increase. I am working on lifestyle changes and healthiness because hope floats ;).

3. Mastering my oral addiction

Down with ciggarettes! This has come and gone off my radar SO many times that it is a source of embarassment. One of my good friend’s died this New Year’s Eve at 43. It was a horrible shock. Her demise was, no doubt, quickened by her vices. An evil little voice often whines in my ear that EVERYONE has vices in a desperate attempt to minimize my guilt and establish faulty justifications. I am strangling the voice. I have been scared straight. Four people dying in one year does that to you.

4. Out of my head, onto the paper

I am finishing my first novel. Not starting it, not working on it but finishing it. I am doing marvelously so far, so why jinx it with unnecessary steps?

5. Down with Procrastination

My worst character trait as far as I am concerned. The one that stops me from losing weight, working out, quitting smoking, writing a book, going to a Poetry Jam, finishing my degree, dancing on the edge of deadlines, etc. etc. etc. Next to smoking, I think this will be the hardest so I will start small. I was going to do the post tomorrow but I did it today LOL so it must be working!!!!

This may help you, it helped me. Will Power – Self Discipline: Guidance, Development and Exercises.

Out with the old and in with the new!!


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