A Traveler Forever More

Their song sweet to my ears
Sounds of insects hum, love drunk on nectar
From wildly fragrant flowers
The trickling harmony of meandering streams
Laden with frothy bubbles riding upon waves and eddies
I lie supine
‘pon rivers of green grass
bent beneath my weight
creating a living carpet
whilst long green fronds
Trail seductively on of the edges of my vision
Caressing me with tiny fingers outlining the
Curves of my form
Through their lacy canopy
I catch glimpses of swirling blue sky
And ethereal wisps of clouds float bye bye

When I die
Let me loose in fields of gold
Towering palms beckon from distant shores
My eyes to feast on shimmering iridescent indigo seas
Toes curled in powdery vanilla sands
Sun struck,
encased in rainbows
– A traveler forever more.


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