Poised on the precipice
of new discoveries –
Aurora Borealis.

You are a promise so complete
that it covers the horizon
and beckons like diamonds
buried in arid sands.

I wait.

Wait silently,
but impatiently
for you to discover me
and uncover me.

Rap with me,
and enwrap me
– an earth tone sculpture of sinews, muscles and sinuous curves.

Be my teacher,
and most avid pupil
ready to take the plunge
into the unexplored terrains of our existence.

become Velocity
moving at the speed of light.

Obscuring my vision,
making for many a sleepless night.

I wait.

For the sublime satisfaction of your rapturous kiss.
A secret promise,
enshrouded in the mists of unconsciousness.

Your joy covers me,
and your arms enclose me
evoking sensations
forgotten and new.
A pleasure known to precious few.

Soft sweetness,
encased in mango covered juices,
cascades down the gorge of my throat.
And you – a quester – ski into the slopes of my soul’s landscape,
there to rest and seek no more.

I wait.


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