Carpe Diem

Well, everyday is not a picnic, so sometimes we have to make our own lol. After four days of eating well balanced meals and drinking water, I went into culinary overdrive and have made:

1. Lasagna

2. French Toast w/ Oranges & Brown Sugar (my concoction as I had no Pears and Pomegranate Juice on hand)

3. Turkey Sausages (yes, from scratch)

4. Potato Pancakes

5. A Turkey dinner that included Homemade Cranberry sauce with cherries and Orange juice.

Not good for my waistline but my taste buds – ooh la la. Once again I bow my head to as they are just finger lickin splendid. I do have to say that one should never be afraid to deviate from the recipe as substitutions yield wonderous results when chosen carefully :).

Then, in an attempt to escape my snow laden reality, I found a new gardening website. It’s sooo sexy, full of lush and wonderful photos and very nice people. I am staying true to my blog but am enticed by the interesting gardening stuff I have seen on their site as well so am happy about spreading myself around. There is so much of me to love lol.

Oh and for anyone nearby, please check out Springtime in Paris – Philadelphia Flower Show being held in March. I went last year and it was STUPendous lol.

Happy planting (or planning) and eating (or dieting) lol.


7 thoughts on “Carpe Diem”

    1. For now, I am the queen of Nursery purchases. My next house will have space for the type of plantings that I wish to do. I have taken propagation and plant cultivation so have a good handle on traditional growing methods. I was looking at the catalog and thought of you. They have excellent seeds and variety, many organic. If you haven’t seen them, check it out. You should be planning for your crops now when you have free time. What’s that? 🙂

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