Pray, Post, Remember – Haiti

Please Post for Haiti: Pressing Port-au-Prince.

Please see attached post in remembrance of the earthquake which struck Haiti last year by fellow blogger, Kathryn McCullough. Many hearts around the world are heavy today as we remember just how fragile and precious human life is. God bless…


2 thoughts on “Pray, Post, Remember – Haiti”

  1. It was a heart-wrenching moment seeing Haitians lose their loved ones in the earthquake.

    Hopefully, there will be less natural disasters this year.

    1. It was and it is. Thank you, Paul. You are right, we have had more than our share of natural disasters in recent years and I pray that 2011 is a better year. Less natural disasters, less foreclosures, definitely less snow, more jobs and healthcare for all…. What can I say, hope springs eternal.

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