Let’s Talk About Sex. Did I say that? :)

“Everything ain’t for everybody”, Jill Scott

I started my blog with the intention of promoting my work, Erotica and Poetry etc. but something changed. In falling headlong into the Blogosphere I discovered that I wanted to share more of myself and out popped anger, angst, stress, loss and laughter in addition to some fairly “sure not ro ruffle their feathers” examples of my work. They call that punking out but I’m about to fix that.

I am Para, not Noid (lol) and have reservations about posting full blown erotica. Not everyone digs Erotica or even understands the distinction between Pornography and Erotic Literature. But that isn’t my problem, is it? My love of Erotica is a part of me, no different than my obsession with Art, Movies or Books. Of course, no one will think I am a Nympho or question my sexuality for those particular obsessions.  I do not wish to be judged but I realize that it is as inevitable as breathing. So all I can say is, if you don’t like it, don’t read it. If you do like it, feel free to let me know. I dare you lol…

I never really understand why people are so loath to discuss sex openly anyway. Everyone does it and considering that the porn industry generates millions of dollars per annum, somebody has to be a fan. Yet, we are so quiet about it and we don’t want anyone to know we like it, read it, think about it, ______ it. Well, the secret is out lol. Coming soon to a blog post near you…


5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Sex. Did I say that? :)”

  1. From my way of thinking this is a problem mainly circumscribed to western civilization. Sexual liberation inspires a moral panic among many people who believe the outcome of these liberties would be the total dissolution of our civilization.
    They are right. For their own agenda.
    On the other hand this is not a new issue. It started in the Middle Ages when outsiders such as homosexuals, lepers, and religious non-conformists were considered devils, and frequently burned alive. Several centuries later things remain pretty much the same. Frighteningly.
    And there is also a more basic problem with “why people are so loath to discuss sex openly”. If we divide society into those who have a healthy sex life and those who only use their genitals in the toilet, well, for the first group, who would want to discuss sex right after a crazy and exhausting night? Probably you’d rather prefer a good siesta.
    And for the others, shame of them, what the hell they would have to discuss?
    So my lovely devil folk please go ahead. I’ll make an effort and get a break to read your always wonderful writings.
    I rather belong to the second group… so I have to figure out how to get the desktop into the toilet.

    1. Very true, frighteningly so. Your comment about the dissolution of civilization reminded me of someone’s blog that I read the other day. The blog disgusted me because it was just a continuous rant about the illegal immigrants taking over the country, homophobia and the breakdown of the American family brought on by the Homosexual rights, Gay marriage etc. etc. I could say something profoundly intellectual but I will limit it to one word, IDIOTS :).

      OMG but the dekstop in the toilet comment left me laughing hysterically. lol

    1. Granted, it’s hard to escape your religious and cultural influences. I am only three generations removed from slavery so all my immediate family are from the South. Comedians commonly joke about folks who party, gamble and trangress weekly and then attend church on Sunday. The reason it’s so funny is because it is true. Undoubtedly, its one of the reasons that I am more spiritual than religious. It is my opinion that such constraints, although they have their merits, breed excess and rebellion. Look at Madonna lol.

      Your comment gave me food for thought, so I thank you as it has generated my next blog post….

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