My Favorite Things – Great Moments in Comedy – Part III

Ok, so if you are looking for intellectualism, please click the back button now. This list is all about making you laugh. They are my top rated comedic memories, comprised mostly of movies but some are standup. I will tell you now that many are politically incorrect, certainly for adults and completely lacking in moral fiber. A lot of classics are in here too since timeless comedy is amongst my faves.

“Have a look and laugh”, which was actually said to my friends and I by an irate, and you guessed it, drunken woman in the hallway of a hotel many moons ago.

What are your faves?


1.  Jerry Lewis – Cinderfella

I grew up on Jerry Lewis and still consider him one of the funniest men alive. His goofy humor coupled with the physical expression of idiocy gets me every time. The only person that comes close to him in my book is Jim Carey. They have both got to be just a lil bit touched.

2.  John Cusack – Better Off Dead – “I want my two dollars!!” 

I am a product of my generation and there is not one of my friends that does not love and revere this scene. Call it stupid and infantile but it has staying power lol. John Cusack will always be one of my favorites as I have literally watched him grow up on screen. He is the King of B movie 80’s comedy. 

Most of Savage Steve’s Holland’s work does not appeal to me but this tale of teenage search for self and romance gone awry, then miraculously right, is too close to truth not to be funny.

3.  Jack Lemmon – The Out of Towners, 1970

This is an example of Black comedy at its best. Yes, its old but it is still really funny. It’s a cautionary tale on traveling lol. The remake, which was highly anticipated, was a flop in my opinion. Unfortunately, the 1999 remake with Steve Martin couldn’t hold a candle to it. 

4.  Jane Fonda & Robert Redford – Barefoot in the Park, 1967 

What can I say? I’m just silly and ever since I saw this movie, I can’t forget the ridiculously funny scenes at the end which Jane Fonda and Robert Redford did flawlessly. It is a great old fashioned romantic comedy, the kind written to leave you smiling on the inside.


5.  Katherine Hepburn – Bringing Up Baby, 1938

I discovered this gem about 2 months ago and thought it was SO silly and funny. The story is improbable but entertaining nonetheless. The performances are classic Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant, icons of American cinema. I was gratified that it was a NY Times Critic’s pick. 

6.  Jamie Lee Curtis, John Cleese & Kevin Cline – A Fish Called Wanda

John Cleese had me from his days as Monty Python. Kevin Kline and Jamie Lee Curtis never fail to send me into paroxysms of laughter. The stuttering scene in this movie is classic although I couldn’t find a good clip of it. I also love Kline in “In and Out” and who can forget Jamie and Arnold Schwarzenegger in “True Lies”? I have to say I liked Arnold much better as an actor… 

7.  Jim Carey – The Mask. “I will reveal my croissant. I will spread your pate. I will dip my ladle in your Vichyoisse…”

If you haven’t found a Jim Carey movie that you like, check your pulse. He is an idiot extraordinaire. He is the modern day Jerry Lewis, rivaling his physicality and slapstickesque humor. He shot to fame after SNL and In Living Color which was surely not a surprise. I absolutely loved him in “The Truman Show” and “Liar, Liar”. He went serious on us in “The Number 23” and was surprisingly good but his comedy rules.

“Fun with Dick and Jane” is a comedy that pokes fun at capitalism, corporate denizens and suburban life. Another of Jim Carey’s Best.

8.  The Hangover, 2008

One of the very best comedic depictions in recent memory of the dangers of excess. You’ve got to love it!

9.  What happens in Vegas, 2008 “Why? You know Why!”

One of the funniest things in comedy is the depiction of the battle between the sexes and this is no exception. Cameron and Ashton make my B list but this movie is one of their best.

10.  Queen Latifah & Steve Martin – Bringing down the House, 2003

The pairing of Queen and Steve in this movie was so successful that you see Hollywood occasionally trying to replicate it. They rarely succeed but they do try lol. Steve Martin is one of America’s funniest men and Queen Latifah, a triple threat, held her own in this VERY funny movie which defies our expectations and made fun of our prejudices.



1.  Eddie Murphy – “The Ice cream man is coming”

What happened to Eddie Murphy? I know, he grew up but how sad for us! lol He was ridiculously funny and his standup, no holds barred, rules. When I was coming up, the older generation said he was the natural progression from Richard Pryor. He was just as filthy mouthed and the fact that he could dance and do impersonations so well made him the next King. I have tested it and the mere mention of this skit is enough to make people laugh uncontrollably.

2.  Eddie Murphy – Hot Tub


3.  Dave Chappelle – Claython Bigsby

Whatever happened to Dave Chappelle. I know some of you are twitching in your seats right now. What an example of corporate fuckery and what a waste for the masses who actual liked humor which made a statement. This is classic Chappelle and it is sure to make you cringe at it’s lack of PC but leave you howling at how incredibly stupid racism and bigotry will always be. ***Adults only.

4.  Richard Pryor – Prison & The N Word

There is not much that can be said about Richard that has not already been said. He was a pioneer of adult comedy and he lit up the 70’s stage with his vulgarity, honesty, pointed comedic skits on racism and personal failures. Clearly, he did not give a damn, and I for one dig that about him. Thanks, Mom!! ***Adults only.

5.  George Carlin – People are F** Boring

I dig George. I have a weakness for Black comedy and he epitomizes this. His brash, honest and caustic skits of contemporary issues like religion and politics always made you laugh and pause. One of a kind. ***Adults only.

6.  Gilda Radner – One Ringy Dingy & The Columbia School of Journalism

When I think of female comedians, the first one to pop into my head is usually Gilda. Her skits on SNL were legendary and she’s another one who could have you laughing spastically if you don’t watch out. Gone to soon. We have alot to thank SNL for,  like the wonderful Tina Fey.


7.   The Honeymooners, “You’re a real riot, Alice. Baby, you’re the greatest. Bang, Zoom…”

I grew up on #7, 8 and 9. This is my nod to classic American comedy and the interesting perspective of life in a simpler time, at least for some. I love Jackie Gleason and Art Carney, they put the F in funny. Ralph is a very interesting combination of the jealous, sexist, insecure, short tempered, loving, hard working and surprisingly bashful male of an age gone by. He laughs at himself and that’s a real plus.

8.   All in the Family

I loved Archie Bunker and Edith. He was a racist, a bigot, a sexist and a homophobe, what’s not to love? I’m still singing the theme song so what does that say about me?

9.   I Love Lucy “Do you poop out at parties?”

My all time favorite, red headed, Leo. What a powerhouse she was AND she had great taste in men, flawless comedic timing, no qualms about making a fool of herself, incredibly facile expressions and was a fashionista, go figure. Who can forget the Grape pressing scene or Vitametavegimen?

10.   In Living Color & The Boondocks

You’re on your own….my fingers hurt lol.


6 thoughts on “My Favorite Things – Great Moments in Comedy – Part III”

  1. “I want my two dollars” was one of the funniest gags of any movie, but I also liked “Shame to throw away a perfectly good white boy like that.” What a great movie. Thanks for reminding me of it.

    Your stand-up list is pretty good, too. Good start to the day.

  2. I woke up this morning –my own slight hangover- with your post and you made my day!

    It’s now one hour later –and two coffees- and I’m still laughing. I know most of the comedians -Carling is a constant in my blog and an inspiration of some of my posts- and show most of the films, but this collection is priceless.

    I did not know, however, Dave Chappelle, but this bittersweet clip is just great.
    And regarding PCL lets leave it to those who have not yet realized how incorrect politics are

    Just thank you

    1. Isn’t it lol? The whole drunken hotel scene has me keeling over everytime I see it. This might have something to do with a long ago bachelorette party that my girls and I had in Vegas. We were just as crazed but thankfully not as destructive… No, really lol.

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