I am greater than the sum of my parts.

I cannot be divided, added or subtracted.

Multiply me by X and there is no meaning.

I am an unsolvable equation.


I am the meaning between the words

and I lie endless

between the compilation of random digits.


My capacity,

divinely attributed,

is limitless.


Upon examination,

I am

an order-less equation.


I remain a mystery,



unsolvable by man-made operations.


I am XX, YY, XY and YX,
God only knows

what comes next.


I can safely say

that I am the resulting combination

of Geneva, X, Ella Mae and Jesse James,

Katherine, Z,

Deborah Ann and Frederick.


My truth is a multi-layered,


infinitely evolving expression

of reverberating symmetry

and boundless dimensions.


I am time expressed and unexpressed.

I am present, future and past perfect.


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