I’m older, wiser
grown up and tired
of relationship stews
and bittersweet brews.

Y’all know the shifting multitudes
who go from plain to plane
and place to face
with a long litany of excuses
about their failure to sustain
they know all to well how to complain
and cause pain
agitate and inflame

I’d like just once to meet
a soul that’s equal to me
who knows how to maintain
and thrive
grow and survive
without bitterness and greed
who speaks and believes
in a soul given creed
not meant to self-inflate
but elate
and is able to give love in an unending spate
meant to envelop the receiver

Do you know how to give joy
instead of steal it?
Do you know how to live life
and drink in draughts the greatness which God has wrought?
Do you know what progress is?
What longevity means?
Do you know the pleasure that selflessness can glean
as it unfolds on itself
and gives birth to richer dreams?

I’m on the other end of the line
and I wait
to hear truth
for once
wait to get joy
in trumps
I wait for love to blossom outside my heavenly gates
a love that will not die or
wither away
and leave me ashes
that dissipate
in the stormy winds of life
or the all revealing mirror that is the face of time

I wonder what I’m doing wrong
or how I’m wrong
or how much pain I have to swallow
and wallow in
before I meet my end

I wonder if I’m just Dreamin
Dreamin with Smokey, Ella and Jill
of times that will be better still
with an undying hope

Is hope a rope that will choke me in the end?

And how many lies I will have to tell
myself to feel a sense of completion
and rightness
To sleep with peace
and not feel self-righteous and empty
to have no more questions about trust
and feel a love that binds
through the travails of life
instead of ghosts
that haunt me round unexpected bends
wondering what might have been
or what could be

I wonder when I will find the equal of Me

I care no more
if it’s a Him or a She
just as long as it’s a soul
who understands Epiphany.


2 thoughts on “Ephipany”

    1. Thanks, Nicole. Am so psyched found a veritable treasure trove of “lost” work this week and look forward to posting. Have a good weekend and don’t curse too much lol.

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