Obstacles, Setbacks and The Way Forward

Ta-da! I am back. You know those days when you wake up and the sky is a beaming, cloudless expanse of blue? A day when the birds are in high gear, chirping an unending song that brings a smile to your face and your heart. Everything seems right in the world and you are invincible. Well, that day is not today! At least not for me lol.

Yet, I have arisen with a new sense of purpose. When I look out my window there are piles of snow everywhere standing about 5’H in places. My yard is buried and only the towering evergreens in the vicinity remind us that the world, in kinder climes and times, really is green. My fiance, his landscaper’s heart bruised and sore, is now bemoaning the fact that he can’t see his lawn. You know most Americans are dizzy with lawn lust and spend scads of time, money and care on their patches of earth. Sadly, we often do more harm to the environment than good but with typical American passion and short-sightedness, we are ever in search of the money green lawn. Really, I have had clients ask for that by name. Personally, I think it’s all psychological. We are organic caregivers so I take some comfort in that lol.

Nature reminds me that life is cyclical and I embrace that.

Coupled with the dizzying sight of the world gone white, we have interior issues to deal with. Last January, the furnace blew which I could accept because it was, oh 35 years old. She was tired and needed a rest. However, she would break on the coldest day of the year and only 3 short days too late to allow us to claim the Home Improvement tax break. Jealous, I suppose, of all that attention and in keeping with the now January tradition, the Dishwasher has stopped working and today the washing machine joined the fray. No agitation = Mountains of Clothes craving liberation. Oh well, one must push on. Life’s challenges are never ending. I am waiting for a day when everything is right in my world. I’m not bitching but it’s been awhile lol. 

Determined to take control of what I can, I arose and threw open all the windows. I raised the blinds and let the bright winter sun flood the house. It’s nippy but we are smiling. It’s time to get up, dust off, face all the crap I’ve been taking a break from and armor ourselves for the start of the Spring season. Just 8 more weeks to Nature’s glory and I, for one, can NOT wait.

Also, in my Internet roamings this week, have found out that Zane, a famous Erotica author is looking for submissions for an Erotic anthology. I have decided to submit and yesterday was overcome with waves of creativity resulting in 3,100 words emerging from my murky mind. Beautiful. I also found, don’t ask, approx. 100 written works that I have never transcribed. It was kind of amazing to see all that handwritten stuff. Now, every time I start to right in cursive, I pause as if accessing rusty machinery. Use it or lose it people. Consider, some of these works go back to 1989. There are things that I have written on the PC which due to viruses, power loss, upgrades or stupidity are now fodder for the Cosmos. Hmmph. Then, a backup drive surfaced from amidst the clutter and ta-da, another 100 or so works appeared that need to be organized and edited. My head is a very noisy place right now but my fingers, ah my fingers, they are enjoying the race. Tres cool.

We are also working on, my soon to be unveiled, website and it is gorgeous. Who can fail to be optimistic in the light of such creative output and the promise of renewal?

“What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”


One thought on “Obstacles, Setbacks and The Way Forward”

  1. That’s positive thinking. No way you’ll fail.
    And I can’t help to agree with “life’s challenges are never ending”. Just stop a leak with one hand and three others will come across, that’s it.
    But as I good friend from New Jersey use to say: It is what it’s…
    Good luck with the Erotic anthology!

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