My 8th Wonder

**For Arthur**


like the first time,

all my nerves zinging with excitement.

Adrenaline like champagne,

Bubbling through my veins,

Teasing my brain,

Tickling my fancies,

Fantasies cum like rain.

Enveloping me

With their sweet scent.

Leaving me

Drenched with fire.


I know what yearning is now.

Before, I only knew

Paler shades of desire.

Can’t wait to


My arms,

My legs,

My lips,

My Spirit,

Around You

And behold You.

Silent, steadfast and strong,

Like the Pyramid of Giza

And consumed with passion.


Like Victoria Falls.

Safety, satiation and joyous tantalization.

All this and more you give to Me.

Always on the brink of new discoveries,

Or reeling back into this reality

From the plane where only we exist…


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