Iridescent Memories

The world just kept moving

when everything should’ve stopped.



all things in their place.

Caught in the movement

of unrelieved grace

which we call life.

Seconds of dreamlike haze,

we move,

we wander

and cavort through the maze.

Some of us crawl through

it’s hollows and nook-like crannies.

Some of us move about

in a frenzied, unrelenting gait.

Never ceasing to allow

the knowledge that comes with a slowing of pace…

Children still laughed,

Lovers still played.

Mothers still watched,

whilst you walked away.

In that millisecond,

my love stretched out like an intangible line,

connecting us.

Your love anchoring us

through time.

Feeding me from a distance.

Leaving me with a yearning,

subtle, yet deeply woven

in the fabric of my reality.

While you were not,

A part of me was not.

Tied up in knots and waiting,

waiting to wake to your kiss.

Praying for the color

to bleed Black into my world.

You taught me about

the infinitesimal, gradations of gray

and the violet, jazzy passion of purple

that is your presence blending into my days.

Yet the world moved on,

without us.

I grew up

without us.

I grew outward,


but always looking backwards.

The silhouette of my heart

pining for yours,

as aging with wisdom and grace,

new, yet unknown joys came my way.

Life, tumbling me in it’s grip

and love for you mesmerizing me,

in a kaleidoscope of iridescent memories…


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