She touched me…

I was bored today so I read your blog.

Not knowing what to expect,

I expected everything

and absorbed it all

like a thirsty sponge.

You surprised me,

how much revealed,

how much concealed.

You touched me

with your passionate antics,

fevered imagination

and madcap ideas.

You intrigued me

with your intelligence

and perverseness

honed to a fine point.

Your pursuit of passion

inflamed me

till I dripped,

hard and hungry for more.

I laughed,

I sighed,

for the 7,369 miles that lies between us.

Would that I could reach out

and touch you between your thighs,

listen to the ramblings of your quirky mind

and run my tongue, meandering,

down the curvature of your spine.

Would that I could whisper to you

all of my desires,

engaging you aurally

or anyway you ask me to.

Would that I could give to you

the lash of my passion,

the love of my blindfold,

the back of my hand,

the nip of my teeth

and soft sweetness

of oral tapestries.

Ecstasy, greed, adoration

and all that lies in between.

Your words invoke

the sunrise,

vistas of green and earth tone hues,

tempestuous ocean waves

and the unbridled beauty of Lunar moons.

Would that I could

reach you,

teach you,

tease and please you,

intoxicate and feed you

and drowning in your touch

be touched too….

For Melissa 11/10


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