Feed your Mind: American Museum of Natural History

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Today, I woke up with a renewed sense of purpose. I’ve come realize that I have been letting life drag me under and that interior balance has gone winging away to the detriment of my sanity. Put another way, I NEEDED to step outside of myself and my feverish mental activity so I could just breathe.

Where to go? What to do? Ever since I saw Night at the Museum, I have been obsessed with seeing the Dinosaur exhibit at The American Museum of Natural History. Aren’t you always talking about places you want to go but you never have the “time” to go there? Yeah, me too, but not today lol. Instead of staying in my house, bent over the computer, looking for a job, listening to drama that is drivel, watching other people live on my TV screen, stressing about bills or chasing down clients who owe me money, I fed my mind.

The attached slideshow only shows a fragment of what we saw but hopefully it is enough to imbue you with a sense of wonder about the wonderful world we live in. I am a Dinosaur freak so of course we raced to the David H. Koch Dinosaur Wing and it was positively wild. It’s wonderful to be amongst people gasping in awe and staring in joint amazement at our rich and varied history. For that one moment, we were all awe struck little kids again and isn’t that wonderful? I am still tripping out that I got to touch an actual dinosaur bone lol.

I am also obsessed with Butterflies so we visited The Butterfly Conservatory. It is small but beautiful and tropical, not to mention hot, since Butterflies like heat. It was kind of strange to go from 20 degree temps and dodging black ice to sweating in the tropics but it was divine. Down with winter! I am sad to say I could not induce a Butterfly to land on me but I plan to redouble my efforts another day. They did land on my fiance though so I can only deduce once again that the ladies love him :).

The next exhibit we took in was Brain: The Inside Story which was a 3-D journey through the way the human brain works. We learned about brain physiognomy, the evolution of  the brain and which parts can be traced back to our ancestors and related mammals, what specific chemicals the brain produces and what they do, utilizing  video, art, audio and Brain teaser games. Yes, it’s true our brains were overflowing when we left. 

Finally, we staggered to Journey to the Stars. Can you say wow? If you have never visited the Hayden Planetarium, you are missing out on something extraordinary. The round, domed roof of a circular auditorium serves as a projection screen. With your head tilted back you undergo an unforgettable sensory experience. I ought to know, my friends and I haunted the museum in the 90’s when they held Laser Shows in the Planetarium featuring artists like Pink Floyd.  We talk about them to this day. From our seats, we watched a film about the universe. It took us to the Milky Way Galaxy, discussed the life and death of Stars, explained the cause of Super Novas, the important role of Sun, which is also a star, and explained how Stars and Dark Matter played a key role in the evolution of planets and all organic compounds known today. You could be an astronaut for the perspective that you were given in a mere thirty minutes. It was breathtaking and awesome, a real brain buster.

So, in just three hours, I visited the Triassic, Jurassic and Creataceous periods; The Milky Way Galaxy and The Southern Hemisphere all by stepping outside of my mind and immediate sphere. Pretty awesome, right? 🙂 I feel utterly calm and happy now, able to face the tasks of tomorrow. Sometimes all you need to do is step outside your mind…

For more information on the museum, go to http://www.amnh.org.


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