Tides – A poem


Tides of emotion,

well and swell

Swallowing my interior,

washing through me


changing my trajectory

and dulling my vision

to all things exterior.

My Self

sits mother like-she,

arms crossed,

legs poised

for defensive reaction

against anyone who would question

this extra-ordinary rush of love

Which blooms

Like desert flowers

Pure, radiant….coloricious

amidst hot howling wind and arid viciousness.

I will not bend,

I give in

only to the feelings

growing within.

I tune my ear

to the beauty of evolving interior song

which began as an insistent tapping,

beating in my heart,

stealing my thoughts away,

from pursuits that could wait

for another day.

I listened – still,

as the tapping turned into a hum,

reverberating sweetness,

wide and deep as the

Moon’s craters – moving my soul.

My heart changed,

rainbow colors

radiating within the cavern of my chest.

I could feel it flash

from red to pink to lavender and gold

then back again.

It changed the cadence of my steps,

single, double, tripled taps

which graduated to skipping,

keeping time with the cresting wave

of our combined harmony.

Harmonies which sing my soul to sleep.

Sweet, warm and ooooh so deep.

My eyes open on this world

but my focus

with laser beam intensity

is attuned to the feel of honey in the rock,

the haunting smell of cinnamon and molasses,

the seductive mélange of vanilla musk – wafting

And the sight of lush meadows

bejeweled and dazzling after summer rains.

All you,

My harmony,

My melody,

My drumbeat

And personal score,

–        The beauty of every Word that is

Familiar and as yet Unknown.


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