What is Love? A Musical Tribute Pt . 1

To me, the act of creation is the truest reflection of God. Love inspires so many phenomenal works of art and music is, without doubt, one of it’s purest expressions. A good love song is timeless, spanning genres, race, class and generations. Art is a reflection of the times in which we live and it’s influence is so obvious from looking at these selections. Most are love ballads but the selection touches on all kinds of love, from attraction to the joyous, romantic to parental and through heartbreak to the triumphant. No doubt, music has changed and the change is not for the better. Here then, is part I of my favorite love songs.

My thanks to my Mom for exposing me to so many different kinds of music, her taste is truly eclectic and much love to my Sweetie for helping me put this together.


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