The 53rd Grammies & The Uprising: I Am Not Alone

So, I gave in and watched the Grammy’s Sunday night. Personally, I thought it was a waste that there were all of three performances that wowed me in a 3.5 hour show. They were: The tribute to Aretha by Yolanda Adams, Jennifer Hudson, Martina McBride, Christina Aguilera and Florence of Florence and The Machine; Muse performing Uprising and Barbara Streisand.

What, pray tell, does such a lackluster showing say about music today? Right. Also, can somebody please tell me what’s up with Lady Gaga? She can sing, no doubt. She even has interesting things to say but why, pray tell, is she such an attention whore? The whole entering the Grammy’s in an egg thing was just SO over the top. There are statements and then there is just out and out “look at me”. It makes you, ok, maybe just me, wonder about her security as an artist. Of course, she did say that she doubts she is a Superstar in her acceptance speech so I suppose we should not be surprised. Well, she is young so maybe with age she will become more of a serious artist, relying on her God given talent and understand that occasionally, less is more. I know it’s a generational thing, the obsession with excess and outrageous behavior but in her case, I think it’s just downright strange. I’m just saying…

I was absolutely delighted to discover a new group, Muse. Their performance of The Uprising was phenomenal, an absolute statement of our times. The video screen montage of the rise and fall of the Banks was sheer genius. Not to mention the scene with the raised fists which was reminiscent of the Hammers from Pink Floyd’s The Wall. The song is off the charts and considering the Fall of Mubarak and the similar protests that are now taking place in Italy with regards to their corrupt, immoral and sexist President, I have hope. I am not alone!! There are some very pissed off people out there (rightfully so) who are now beginning to understand and belive in the power of collective dissent. Fabulous!! It would seem that social change is in the air. Can you feel it? Let us hope that it continues to spread across continents to the land of the free, home of the brave….

Where will you be?


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