Forced to take it sloooooow…

Sorry, I haven’t been around, sick :(. Have a bad case of bronchitis and was forced to go to the ER today since I no longer have health insurance. The good news is, NJ ER visits are a far cry from NY lol. I was treated so well, I felt like a rock star, yeah baby!!! I think the staff at HUMC are Gods and Goddesses. They were all so sweet and yes, medically adept. I was in and out in 3 hrs and that is an ER record in my book. Off now to have fun with my new nebulizer, bah humbug.

It’s alright though, I have been painfully reminded that each breath I take is precious, forced to throw my ciggs out and have had lots of time to think undisturbed. None of which is a bad thing. 🙂

P.S. – Have been watching with great delight the unfolding events taking place in Wisconsin. Power to the People. See, Alex?! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Forced to take it sloooooow…”

    1. Thanks, Sweetie. In the meantime, I am reminded of the clip from Darth Vader in the Smithsonian movie lol. The ability to laugh must indicate a return to help so I am all good. Soon enough lol. Will be on the look out for u. xox L.

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