Sum and Sun – Poetic

Cum kiss my lips.

Cum bathe my thighs.


Cum to me,

dressed only in

the shades of your desire.


Cum all over my face,

because I can wear you that way.


Cum making sensation,

libidinous waves.


Cum copious.

Cum glorious,


– nature’s opiate.


Cum to heaven’s gate

where undulating octaves

and starry stratospheres await.


Cum bring me your sweetness,

 your need

and limitless freakiness.





glistening and relished.


Cum drink

the elixir of my life essence.


Cum with me

– a passionate exchange.


Cum on me

– a dissolution of pain.


Cum dripping from my lips,

and seeping into my interior.

A shifting present,

eradicating the past.


Cum for me,

hear that?

It’s Me,

I’m coming so fast.



your cum,

burning my orifices

and filling the fathomless deep of

– what else? –

my need.


Cum for you,

I am saturated with greed.


Cum oh cum,



right side up

or upside down.



my cum,

until  I’m sore.

You know you always want more.



a natural manifestation,

become the glad orchestration

– the Sum and Sun

of our erotic combination.



please come,

inside me,

astride me,

ride me,

hard and deliriously deep.



the wet of it,

the taste of it,

the want of it,

and the sound of you

taking me in.



sending ripples of ecstasy

through my limbs and your mind.


Cum Baby Cum,

so sublime

– the closest we get to divine.





for you,

can’t seem to help it,

cumming all the time

– where else? –

but in my mind…

2 thoughts on “Sum and Sun – Poetic”

  1. I’ve been away for a while and this “cum work”, brought to me the first genuine smile in the last few days. It also remind me about the “cum” itself and I think I am going to read it again in the way I am not forgetting the real things of life.
    Thanks Coco for another great piece of your imagination.

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