Destiny – Poetic

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You are True North

Leading me onward and ever upwards

Towards dizzying heights which hold no fear

Because I am cradled in the sea of your arms


You are My East

Moving my Spirit with a love that’s new,

Pulsating and golden like the rays of the morning sun


My West

Oh My West

The place where Soul comes to rest

Bathed in vibrant hues of purple, ochre and pink



And you are South

A meandering road that stretches out behind Us

22 years in the making.


King and Queen

Like small children before the tree of our love

Which has taken root, grown and given fruit

Witness to a friendship so deep it transcends verbalization


You are my Destiny

An ocean of love connects us – mesmerizing in it’s beauty

Written, unforeseen and undeniable.


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