It’s safe, you can come out now…They’re coming!!!

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It’s only been a week… One week ago, there were snow piles 5′ high everywhere you looked. Then, in four short days the temps rose and the piles disappeared like God had waived his magic wand. The memory is still fresh and we can recall, painful though it is, how terrorized we have been by snow, cold, wind and ice since 12.28.10 here in the Northeast. It was the shortest and snowiest January on record. UGH.

So, is it any wonder that we were excited to see the bedraggled lawn once again? Greenery, what’s that? The shrubs have been hidden for so long that we forgot they were even there. They even had the gall to go and get bigger. Must be all the water they got. Oooh and the quality of light is slowly changing – Thank God.

Yes, I have been shamelessly counting the days on my calendar but even so my mouth fell open at the first true sight of Spring TODAY.

There, in my garden, imperceptibly and without fanfare were the real heralds of Spring – 2″ green shoots poking from the ground. I felt like throwing up the window and shouting “It’s safe, you can come out now, the Bulbs are coming!!!!” Hyacinths, Daffodils and Tulips, oh my lol.

I have been smiling ear to ear ever since. My pruning hand is itching with a veangeance! With so many things going wrong in the world, you’ve gotta be happy that Nature’s clock is still on point. I just can’t wait for the smell and sight of Spring bursting into bloom and am pleasantly fantasizing about sitting on my deck, reading with the butterflies with a great big, celebratory pitcher of Mojitos by my side….After I have played in the dirt, of course.

Viva La Spring!!!


3 thoughts on “It’s safe, you can come out now…They’re coming!!!”

  1. Three cheers for inner lust and the unimaginable becoming tangible. I bow my head to the Soulful Wordstress. You have a wonderful way with words. :).

    P.S. – I can’t find my trowel LOL.

  2. Thirsty for the Marvelous you say ? look no further than the miracle of the bulb.. dry,grey and dusty… something that transforms into the unimaginable. I too marvel every year and am filled with an inner lust as I await each bloom…
    Live life to the fullest they say, make sure you savour every beautiful moment coco.. and share them with us all 🙂

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