Prejudice: Ugly in any form.

Well, this can’t be characterized as anything but a rant. For some time now, I have watched with eerie fascination the growing tide of anti-foreigner sentiment. I confess that in my naiveté I had hoped it was a fad but I can now see that I am wrong. The tide is growing larger and everybody seems to want to jump on the bus.

Now that I am in the Landscape business, I routinely get to hear comments like “Those damn Mexicans are stealing all the work from us…” Blah Blah Blah. I take exception to such comments since in the three years that I’ve been in business I have only hired Americans who, sadly, showed no real work ethic.

This is a common complaint of the small business owner, “Nobody wants to work today.”

Only one in ten young men that I have hired wanted to learn and had any real staying power. Some people say it’s this generation and that they are idlers because they are young. I think that’s BS too. I got a job at 19 and held it down for 11 years. I have never been on welfare, workfare or any other fare. I took pride in being able to support myself even if I had no real concern for the company lol. The workers I have found were either lazy, not too bright, arrogant, or unable to sustain work for the duration of one season. That’s 7 months people. Seven. Oh, and it was part time no less. Go figure.

To add to my joy, I am now hearing similar groans and anti-foreigner rants from my friends. They don’t want to date foreigners. They think foreigners are stealing our jobs as well. They don’t understand how I married an African and things in a similar vein. I love them but am disgusted by their lack of fairness and rationalizations. Underlying these sentiments are stereotypes that no one wants to say but it is the fuel that drives their caustic and angry comments. Watching the faces of people as they espouse this kind of negativity is telling. They look and sound evil and crazed. Something is very wrong with that.

All this coupled with bills, INS persecution, televised comments and the like only adds to my disgust. Why don’t people realize that this is merely a form of prejudice which they are giving into with minimal thought? Why don’t people understand that it is the Corporations who are stealing jobs from Americans, sending work overseas for lower wages and taxes, or hiring foreigners under the table to do work that no self-respecting American would take? Does anyone consider that the “foreigners” need to feed their families and are merely struggling to survive? Even with the jobs they “take” from us many are still living beneath the poverty line but apparently that doesn’t matter either.

It is also apparently far from people’s minds that most of us here are second or third generation Americans and that many of the people who touched down on our shores came here to make a better life for themselves, just like the so called foreigners they are screaming about today. What has happened to America’s promise, it’s compassion, it’s truth? It’s the 21st century so maybe the time has come to change our slogan to “Stop the Influx. America for Americans and every man for himself.” But who are the real Americans??? Don’t you think that’s kind of shameful? I do.

I can’t understand why people always fall for the party line, or why self seems to continually triumph over the common good. Blech. To anyone with eyes, the current witch hunt is a scary thing to see, like any other iteration of prejudice that plays itself out on a massive scale.  In my humble opinion, it is just convenient to blame the loss of jobs etc. on the influx of foreigners. It stops us from looking at the real source of the problem and asking the tougher questions of our unaccountable business entities and government.

I only have one prejudice – stupid people. I’m just saying…


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