Where the hell have you been?

I was kidnapped by pirates and we ran aground in an unknown territory of the Caribbean where I ate Coconuts and Crabs for the last 45 days. Needless to say, my digestive system is ruined. No? I received a secret invite to the Royal Wedding where I met the incomparable Elton John and we got along so well he invited me to be a guest at his country manor in Wales. There, he regaled me and a small party of friends with a private concert themed around Benny and the Jets. I stayed awhile and indulged my jet setting tendencies. No? Ok. Ok. Truth? I finally took my dream trip to Bora Bora and met Prince traveling incognito and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to have a six week long affair with him as I Adore him lol and he’s always wanted to sleep with a woman that is 6’2….

LMAO. None of the above scenarios are true but I would take any one. Instead I have been working feverishly as my company is living up to its name. We are Blossoming!!! Ain’t life grand? Nonetheless, I missed my blog and I missed you guys so I am back with a bang. Stay posted…. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Where the hell have you been?”

  1. Glad to see you again. It’s looking we are living in parallel universes. I’ve been working as (what to say here) a ¿Japanese? from February to May. And also I was missing all of you. I still have a lot of work everyday, but things start relaxing somehow as the company start going on the right track.
    We are posted and waiting…

    1. Thanks so much. I actually felt my fingers itching a few weeks ago lol. It’s great when your life is balanced enough to allow you to follow all your interests. Sadly, we all too often have to fight to do just that but it’s a worthy battle 🙂

    1. Thanks, D!!! My God I have a lot of reading to do!! You know, we have typically done 5 designs a year. This season we have 7 people committed and I am booked until late June. Can you say amazing? I hope everything is going well with the Farm and you and Mari. Enjoy your time off.

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