A Sign of The Times: Break-Up & Revenge Not So Hard To Do…

I couldn’t make it to the beach today as I am under the weather lol. I started off my evening TV session with a glass of icy, sweet tea and the very welcome respite of my most beloved appliance, the air conditioner. On a 90 degree day, nothing spells joy like ice cold anything.

30 minutes later, I am feverishly typing away on my keyboard, caught somewhere between horror and hilarity. On LX New York, they featured a segment about the latest trends in break-ups. Apparently, one can now go on a website and order a break-up. Things that make you go hmmm.

Here’s what a few of your hard earned dollars will get you:

– $10 to breakup with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

– $25 to break an engagement.

– $50 to announce to your significant other that you want a divorce.

All for less than the price of a meal. Hark! We have now reached the stage where it is cheaper to leave someone than it is to court them.

Not shocked yet? Hold on, there’s more. Apparently, you have your choice of getting it nicely done, or you can provide the website staff with all the reasons for your break-up, no matter how intimate, and they will call the person out on their (a) whorishness (b) assholeness (c) bitchiness, or (d) the qualities that make said victim un-loveable. AND  for a little fun they will record it to and if you are very, very lucky they will post it on the website. www.idump4u.com.

Dear John letters were not enough so we evolved into Break-up via Text. Now, apparently we have kicked that up a notch and we don’t have to do the deed at all just pay someone else and your nightmare is over and someone else’s can begin.

This is proof, to an insane degree, of the disconnectedness spawned by internet. I can’t imagine ever when this would be a feasible way to treat someone after being intimately connected with them. I think it is a disgusting, gutless, classless and demeaning way to treat anyone regardless of how idiotic, difficult or insane said party may be. When it comes to marriage, surely we can add immorality to the mix. And yes, it is FUNNY as hell but some of the funniest things we witness are only funny when they are NOT happening to you.

Me? I would make it my life’s mission to hunt you down and make you pay for such disrespect of my person.  I can pretty much assure you that I would not need any digital aids to convey my message either :). That may be petty but at least it’s honest, direct and real.

For those of you who would prefer revenge from a distance, see the links below. Sadly, I can think of many people who would benefit from the shock of receiving a dead bouquet, or a “deconstructed” teddy bear lmao.



What are your thoughts?


4 thoughts on “A Sign of The Times: Break-Up & Revenge Not So Hard To Do…”

  1. Blessings……
    We can blame the internet for people’s assine behavior sure, the truth is though the internet does not self publish from psychic visions of break-ups, planned humiliations and demoralizations of another human being, unfortunately that would be human being doing said to human being and the internet is the precise medium that allows them to do it and not have to face whomever they are targeting. Though times has change, centuries past, new inventions implemented one thing remains a constant – human beings, there ability to be selishly brutal, demoralizingly wicked and humiliatingly unapologetic the opposite can also be true but “man’s” thirst to drive the knife in and twist it is saddly not a new phenomenom.

    Have a blessed and joy filled day.

  2. Well, I laughed.. because it is funny,but only in the sense that it isn’t real, or as you said coco not happening to me.
    I hate the way people are using facebook as a replacement for friendship and texting as an excuse for non face to face communication so I agree..on a serious note this is an extension of this tragedy that just takes the cake.
    The temptation to send dead rotten flowers though? hmmmm no, I’ll behave 🙂

  3. I agree about the disconnectedness of this. Too many people are losing their sense of connection with their environment. This is yet another example. I read a great quote today about Davy Crockett. There was a series of plays done about his life in the late 1800’s and the central theme to the plays was how living in tune with nature can redeem the corruptions of civilization.

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