Intrepid Sinner

From labyrinths,

light and

I lay my eyes

upon the sky.

I sense a heat,

immense and

am pelted by rains of fear,

while radiant rainbows

writhe hypnotically

around my head.

Nameless emotions

turn to icy tears,

plop unheeded,

scoring skin

with an infinitesimal weight

that only souls can feel.

I ruminate and ponder,

afraid of motion,

ignorant of fate.

Bound and helpless,

to await inevitability

with the blind eagerness

of newborn babes.

I lie my lips

upon your heartbeat,

seduced anew

by the beauty of its rhythm.

A willing prisoner

enwreathed in fragments

of broken dreams

which ever beckon.



fused to Love,

I come to know

of my demise.

An intrepid sinner

poised to greet

the final surprise.



2 thoughts on “Intrepid Sinner”

  1. Such beautiful poetry… I was especially moved by the lines, “…scoring skin with an infinitesimal weight that only souls can feel.” I can feel the exquisite ache. This is just lovely!

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