Sugar coated kisses,

reeking of wine and misses,

Sing my Soul to Sleep.

Nighttime comes,

and I pray for release.

Just a little – Peace.


cloaking words,

stroke my doubts until

the art of erasure is all I know.

The feel of your arms,

around me,

leave me

all aglow.

A temporary lull

that dissipates like falling snow.

And in it’s place

a band of discontent

that binds my Heart like steel.

Stealing my Joy.

Forgotten what is Real.

I would go now,

but to where would I go?

All I now know

is the dissonant echoes

that have replaced my Essence

with turmoil.

A sluggish oil,

that seeps into every interior crack

leaving me polluted and soiled.

When I reach for you,

for what was,

all is emptiness and ghastly black stars.


Falls from your lips,

till all I hear is the puffs of air leaving

your mouth,

entering my ear,

Bisecting the sphere

of what was once

– Love…


7 thoughts on “Jive”

    1. Hey Mark,

      Am happy to have touched ya. This is the first poem you have commented on what a smile it gave me. You have a “heavy head”, if I may say so :). Thanks!

  1. Coco this is gorgeous.. I felt compelled. pulled along as if physically to the end and “felt” every emotion as I know this you write of all so well..
    I love coming over to your beautiful page and indulging in your diverse offerings
    so glad we met

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