Have no time to write today so have dug into my bag of tricks. Here is an oldie but goody…


You didn’t believe so you came my way.  Slowly, Inexorably. Inevitably. Through time.  A wearied traveler, drawn from the distance.  Beseeched by my rhythms. In gradations, in stages and glimpses.  Swishing gently like butterfly’s wings. An intimate dance. Vibrato. Two. With the grace, beauty and passion of a sinuous panther.  You. So lyrical, so deep.  Like water flowing through a valley of rippled indentations and…peaks. Not to be believed. Making me fire, I yearned for you in my arms. With the brilliance of silver, you struck my glance and left me  raw with need. It seemed so long…the twining of us, with the pureness of a raging. Charm, wit, humor, warmth. A real yet diaphanous depth. Your sides. Mentally and physically taking me to places beyond. Thought I never would go. Such a Breadth of vision. A zest for life. Plentitudes of love – for me…. Mine….All Mine. Love just to look at you. Compelled by you….Drawn in to you and this delicious wetness. Cities of the Interior.  Your curves…Your hues. Your round, soft roughness. Your fragrant, creamy sweetness.  Ripe, like fruit.  Mute. Bound. Supplicant. Succulent. Lush. Longing. Yielding. Open. Glistening. Attuned. Enraptured. Captured. Pinned and Pining.

Want me? Want you.

Greed, can feel it everywhere, pounding, pulsing, thrumming, through me. Heat.
Brushing and pressing against you. Oceanic maps. The imprint of you forever
impressed upon the memory of my fingertips, the point of my tongue and in my
throat. Now. Encircled. Ensorcelled. True.

© Coco Rivers 2000


4 thoughts on “Drawn…”

    1. Merci, Dugutigui. Glad you were able to return if only for a little while. I understood on the first pass and am so impressed with myself lmao. As for the gym, I am still shuddering with terror but slowly I step – 10 lbs. lost – so I must be adapting :).

      Wishing you more time AND money.


  1. hmmmmmm…… inticing and interesting read.
    haven’t felt that drawn in ages……

    sometimes i like to go into peoples old posts and read, sometimes there are treasures to be found.

    one of these days you will begin to see my handprints along your older posts….till then, have a maverlous day.


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