Courage – Words to live by.


Courage not only means being able to do something new.

It also means taking steps to “be” someone new.

Some of us talk a great deal because we are afraid we won’t be heard.

Others never say anything in fear of saying the wrong thing.

Some of us are overactive and hyperactive because we fear missing out.

There are those of us who are withdrawn, lethargic, inactive, in fear of messing up.

One of the first steps in developing a courageous outlook and approach to life

is being able to look at ourselves, our beliefs, attitudes, and patterns.

Courage enables us to examine.

Examination enables us to choose.

Courage is more than forceful, aggressive, bold outward action.

At it’s most infinite level,

courage is an in-depth,

inward examination

which leads to alteration and application

of a new way to be.

Author Unknown


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