The Ocean’s Floor…

From the first tiny droplet….

 which blossoms

 into the musical twinkling of a waterfall.


A sweet murmuring that becomes

 the gently urgent sound

 of water flowing over rocks.


Rainbows caught in their mirrored perfection


Hear that sound?



First familiar,

            then strange

and ever changing.


Like the sound

of the wind

in the trees.




 the symphonic harmony

 of words…


Our words.



 like the joining paths of two rivers

 At this juncture…


Your cadence,

             and timbre,

 ringing delightfully       

            in my ears

 and swirling through my cranium.


Sometimes yet

 striking the core of my heart.


Time goes…

             and all we know

 is it’s unceasing pace.

Never anticipating,

 while pontificating.

Only knowing

            how sweet

and sexy

or deep

            and raw with laughter

the flow can become…

And come.


          Moving onwards

  to disperse yet again.


Always hoping to move upwards

like waves

from the Ocean’s floor…


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