Just Me & My Nook

Moving right along to topics less heady and agitating, Monday’s highlight was my belated birthday present from my honey, a Nook! You know, B&N’s e-reader :). I was completely taken aback considering the conversation we had on Saturday night.

“So what do you think of e-readers?” He tossed this my way after watching me obsessively browsing Amazon for my next tome. 

“Me? Well, I guess I’m weird. I have a problem with the idea of not holding a book. I can’t seem to get around it in my brain. love books. I like the sound of turning pages, the feel of the paper, the fonts…”

I was abruptly cut off as some folks just don’t get it. He is a musician after all.

“Yeah, but don’t you think it’s more convenient and cooler to carry a much smaller device that holds the same information. Don’t you think that’s progress?”

I suppose this was a veiled reference to me toting around Stephen King’s book the Stand which is like 1,100 pages long. I read it once a year and discover something new in it every time. Go ahead and laugh. Only librophiles will empathize.

“Nope. Not impressed. Some people spend their whole lives collecting books. My library is like one of my favorite places in the world. I smile every time I look at it. I just can’t see deriving that same kind of pleasure from a device… Another backlit device that requires charging and god help me upgrades.”

There was a loaded silence and then he burst out laughing. As usual, I was refusing to get with the program. Resistance is one of my favorite words. Capitulation isn’t bad but why make it easy?

“Granted, but you can actually have both. It is after all the 21st century. You know the magazines and books are taking over the house.”

The nerve! I was forced to laugh at myself as at this very moment we need another bookcase. You now it’s bad when one has to go on cleaning expeditions to compile the books but why get off my soapbox?  

“You know this could be just a way to phase out books. I mean it’s much cheaper for the Publisher to put books out in a digital format than actually paying for printing costs. Think of all the printers that will be effected. No one ever thinks about the little man…”

“That would take a long time to happen and there are plenty of good reasons it will never happen like loss of data, cyber-terrorism and book nuts like you. Besides,  think of all the trees you could save!”

Really! Just fighting dirty was the thought that went through my head. I am a proud tree lover and I do care passionately about the environment.

But let’s face it, I am a gadget girl. One could not work in Technology for two decades and not be obsessed with it. At the same time and by the same influence, I take a conservative approach to new technology. When something first comes out it is (a) always overpriced and (b) prone to bugs and other issues. So, I am never the first one on-line to buy the next bigger, better, brighter piece of techno-crap.

I have a deep seated, unspoken resentment against technology companies as they seem to string us along and get us hooked on something only to change the operating software or hardware in like the blink of an eye. Some call it progress. I call it carefully executed extortion under the guise of capitalism. I remember distinctly buying stereo equipment with open slots in the back for god knows what. Someone knew what it just wasn’t ME.

I think of all the great libraries of the world and it is orgasmic. Some day I will get there. There is nothing cooler than being surrounded by a fount of knowledge or meeting other folks who are CRAZY about your favorite author.

I have faults, I’m a wee bit stubborn and like most of us resist change. It is a hallmark of this generation that they are open-minded about change. Hell, they can’t seem to live without it. Not I. I am steadfast to my ideals and my loves are deeply ingrained. I am proud of that.


As soon as the damn thing was placed in my hand I went all glassy eyed.

“Oooh, look, I can have all my print material in ONE place? Newspapers, daily feeds, books and magazines, oh my.”

“Yes, and don’t forget Pictures. You can even go on Pandora, FB and Twitter,” my smug boyfriend interjected.

I ignored the I told you so look on his face because all my points were valid. Maybe a tad outdated but still valid lol.

“It’s sooo small and so bright I don’t even need a booklight AND I can highlight text and make notes in my favorite passages. What a great tool for a writer and a student…hmmm.”

“And it actually makes the page turning sound. WTF.”  

All this as I had been busily browsing and building my Wishlist.


That was all it took and now I’m hooked, just me & my Nook.

Just for the record, I still meant every word I said but am forced to admit it is a great addition to my growing pile of gadgets and for those books that I really love (under 1,100 pages) I will buy a hard copy so I can have a library of only the very best AND I am doing my part to lessen deforestation!


7 thoughts on “Just Me & My Nook”

  1. I remember reading how Coleridge would borrow boows, make notes in them and return them to the owner. I imagine some people were horrified while others may have wondered at the treasure of receiving insights from a literary genius.

  2. I am glad you’re figuring out how that Nook fits into your world! 🙂 Maybe someday I’ll have a boyfriend who gets me the internet for my phone– then maybe I’ll stop saying how much that doesn’t make sense to me! 🙂

  3. I had similar thoughts about using an e-reader, much less buying one, yet I received one this past Christmas from hubby dearest! Love it! I’m with Jason. You can have both – the cozy feel of flipping through the pages of an actual book and the convenience of a nook – whichever you desire depending on your mood. I actually spend a lot less money using my nook. Somehow, it has instilled in me a discipline of actually reading what I purchase before buying another! Hey, that’s more money to buy more books!

    1. Hello Empress! Happy to have a new visitor. And yes you are spot on, it’s good to have money to buy for books. Unfortunately, I think the addictive side of my personality is showing as I have already spent $40 bucks in a week and am now itching for more lmao. There are worse addictions though… 🙂

  4. Welcome to the Nook family Coco. I received one as a gift for my birthday last year and I love it. I still love the feel of pages, covers and a binder but Nook makes reading fun. Access to a Thesaurus, a Dictionary, the internet all at the touch of a finger. Magazines look beautiful on The Nook as well.

  5. There are books sitting on my modest bookshelf that I regularly pick up, flick through to a particular chapter or passage and indulge myself in the memory of a scene or plot development that left an indelible mark on my the first time around.

    I love books but also cannot lie that I love the way you can make annotations in an electric book reader – as I would never, ever, put pen to paper when that paper makes up the leafs of a prized possession; otherwise known as a book.

    Great read!

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