Digital Passion – Spoken Word

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Excitement so palpable and tangible

that it has weight.

Thought become word.

Word become deed.

Deeds driven by needs…

You say you can feel my excitement,

what else can you feel?

Can you feel my desire for you?

Infused into each staccato keystroke.

Lingering and longing caresses

as my digits

brush the sterile neutrality of my keyboard.

Keys…to Me.

The keys should be

a deep ochre,

veined with ruby

to mirror the passion

that is concealed

within the convolutions of my words.

They should do my unconscious bidding

and send this feeling

through the miles of cable

and circuitry

– Connecting Me to You.

So that as you read my letters

your every stroke

allows you to receive my libidinous desires.

Unconscious of my intention,

your eager eyes fall rapt upon the screen

which is filled with bits of me.

And just as I wished,

but cannot see,

your softening lips

fall open

at the thought

of you


to Me…


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