Walk Softly and Carry A Big Stick

I spend way too much time mulling over the continuing decline of US political integrity and morality. In fact, I have become so vociferous that I have begun to sicken myself. I wish to God they would give me LESS to complain about.

Unfortunately, this is not reality. My complaints are caused by a nagging sense of fear which is only relieved by hilarity. It is my only defense against doom. I realize that had I been born at a different time people might well have labeled me a doomcrier. Today, I am an armchair activist. Yeah and? lol.

I mull over our the continuing decline of President Obama. Like many who love him I had great hopes that for the first time in like forever he would make an impact upon the world and live up to his promises.

Naivete or just Idealism? I’m not sure but I stand by my decision to vote for him and the ideals he espoused. I am loathe to criticize him. The same way I imagine that people were loathe to criticize Kennedy even though his moral compass was clearly flawed but we live in different times and clearly Obama’s decriers have no problem spreading their negativity far and wide. Alot of which I believe is unnecessarily harsh and untrue but, and I sigh as I write this, some of it is true. He is rapidly becoming ineffectual and I believe the reason for this is twofold.

1. Quiet as its kept we did him no favors when the midterm elections shifted power to the Republicans. We made it near impossible for him to succeed at his objectives.

2. HIM.

A good leader recognizes the need to shift tactics based upon the situation confronting him. He must be flexible in his attempts to reach his goal. Life experience shows us this so all this business about his lacking it is just noise. Any perceived weakness in today’s political climate has only one sure result, calls for blood harkening back to the Romans.

It pains me to see him continually using the same tactics to work around his enemy. He is a very intelligent man so surely he knows better. He has been accused of not loving politics and my response to that is “What’s to love?” He would have to be blind to not see that taking the high road avails him little in most people’s eyes. Worse than our opinion is the end result. Most of us just want jobs, damn it. We have clothes to buy and moths to feed and bills to be paid. Of course that’s an oversimplification but quality of life for many is rapidly declining and that is not just an opinion, it’s a sobering fact.

Perception is everything and I believe that he is committing one of the worst offenses a leader can make. He is coming across weak.

Why exactly do you think Schwarzenegger (who I revile btw) was voted into office? Strength in a leader can not be undervalued. It is only one of the many qualities required but it is arguably, one of the most important.

Signs of this are everywhere. From the very first cry of “You lie” during his address to the nation to the latest comments of “tar baby” by so called politicians, he has remained silent. Many folks think he is afraid to be perceived as an angry black man and so he uses his intellect as a weapon. That’s great but unfortunately that is not enough. To quote Teddy Roosevelt, he needs to “walk softly and carry a big stick” which is based on a West African proverb.  Lop off a few heads, secretly or publicly. Destroy a few people who no doubt deserve it. He is after all the President. This is not church. Politics is dirty and if he really thought that he could join the game and yet remain on a high moral ground he was sadly mistaken.

Would it really be so bad if he played a little dirty and stirred up some fright in the halls of Congress? Indeed it is morally objectionable but drastic times call for… Wouldn’t that serve to make his detractors more cautious and respectful? You betcha.

Face it, most people don’t want to get involved. They just want to be led. Yes, that may be wrong but life, my friends, is often not fair, just or equal. Sometimes, we have shake some trees to get our just desserts or get run over in the process.

Here comes the hilarity…

Amongst other things, this post was inspired by Alternative Rap group,  The Pharcyde. They have had me in stitches since they debuted in 91′. If Obama made the song below his mantra I think he would get the respect he needs to make change. As a bonus, Generation Y and sometimes X would absolutely love him :).

*Warning – Contains Adult Content & Politically Incorrect Language*


6 thoughts on “Walk Softly and Carry A Big Stick”

  1. Obama is an intelligent, articulate….. puppet..
    W. was dubious, inarticulate……puppet
    Nixon was a double dealing, nasty-ass….. puppet
    Kennedy was a handsome, inspiring…. puppet

    It goes on and on, the electoral college makes sure of it..

    Your words are inspiring and well chosen, but puppet is as puppet does so the only real question is can we make them small enough to fit on our hands?


    1. I am just HOWLING with laughter over here. It’s a damn shame. really lol. I so badly want to get on my little idealist chair and wave my Hope Springs Eternal Flag but it somehow seems completely useless… Thanks so much for stopping by Leigh! I LOVE your poetic insights….

  2. I’m so with you! We are kindred spirits. I was in stitches at your comment about an inanimate object. Real women throw things when stuff gets hairy. Where is Captain Kirk when you need him? Keep hope alive…

  3. I have that nagging sense of fear, too, Coco. I do feel good that President Obama has tried empathy and active listening with his psychologically challenged opponents in congress, but I agree that it’s time he went a little Captain Kirk on their collective ass. I’m waiting for his State of the Union speech after his re-election. If it turns out that he had a plan, and was trying to get things set up as well as he could so he could get down to some concentrated business in his last four years — then I’m cool. He won’t be able to do miracles, but he’ll be able to tell the whole truth, so the lies on the ‘right’ lose their luster with all but the insane.

    If this does not happen in some way, I’ll cry first and look for some inanimate object to unleash my wrath on. Then I’ll do what Margaret at The Urchin Movement suggests, and try to keep a positive attiude of hope for the future. How can we help anything get better if we don’t hold on to hope?

    (I’m saving the video you shared for later – got to run now!)

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