Things That Make You Go Hmmm #1

Watching NBC Nightly News last night made me wonder why I try to keep abreast of issues in the world. The world’s a friggin mess! What more could they possibly tell me? Of course, I jest…well mostly.

The problem is that there is so little to report which is good and if you pay attention it leaves you scratching your head and mumbling to yourself. Just another clear sign of mental deterioration.

Last night, the always dashing, formerly unflappable and ever articulate Brian Williams (who is really a more intelligent version of Pierce Brosnan) looked beleagured at the camera as he said, “And if that isn’t bad enough…” delivering yet another piece of depressing news.

Right! So if the senior reporters feel that way how can the rest of us keep afloat? I am planning a boycott of the media corporations. Its time that we demand a change in format for the mental health of their viewers. I mean is that really too much to ask? Y’all know they are manipulating it anyway lol.

Imagine my ire when they reported that FEMA is running out of money due to the 66 natural disasters that have occurred so far this year. Its only August, jeezly crow. I imagine what winter will bring and I just want to disconnect all my utilties and go hibernate in the woods. Congress is saying they will find the money to meet the need by ensuring budget cuts are adhered to. OMG I am SO not reassured. Are you laughing and cursing yet?

So, let me get this right… You are going to ensure that cuts for programs that people need during times of economic crisis go through while the billionaires continue yucking it up? Does anybody feel the love? WTF.

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12 thoughts on “Things That Make You Go Hmmm #1”

  1. Blessings….
    Provocative piece…girl one simply has to take things one day at a time, to get cliché, “accept that things we cannot change and pray for the wisdom and knowledge to change the thing we can.”

    It’s hard for me to have tolerance for people who overspend into the 1000s on frivolous things money that takes me years to make. It’s a bitter pill to swallow. Though I don’t begrudge others what they have, they can be a little more mindful of how they flash the extravagance. 10,000 a week on fresh flowers, that’s 40, 000 in one month. 5000/6,000 a week on weaves, that’s 20,000 – 24,000 a month. Good lord, I know people who have to choose between food and medicine, rent and utilities and I have to work damn hard to stay within a well organized budget. As for the affordability of health care, wooo girl don’t get me started. You get my drift, let me stop here before I use up all your blog space on my soap box.

    Take care eh, and stay blessed.

    1. That is one of my favorite prayers and I definitely had to repeat it the day I wrote that entry to get a grip. It’s not a bad soapbox, Rhapsody. I totally hear where you’re coming from. There are porn stars, who shall remain nameless, driving around in Maseratis. I am not sure how I will ever get over that one. The excess is even more disgusting in economic times like these. Ah the bitter pill… Peace, C.

  2. Before 9/11, I was a news junkie. For a couple of years after, I was a full-blown addict. Then, after my divorce, I didn’t have the money for cable, so I lived without TV for nearly a year. It was one of the most enlightening periods of my life. I stopped stressing about all of these issues over which I have no control. Sure, I still chime in from time to time with my opinions about big issues, but for the most part, I’ve stopped following the cattle chute of distractions. Now, I focus on what’s important in my life and the day to day events over which I do have an element of control, and I’m a much happier person.

    1. “The cattle chute of distractions”, now that’s a keeper! A very good prescription and one I am working on. It’s not as hard as I thought it would be as I can find better things to do with my time….like blog! lol. Thanks, D.

  3. I’ve no idea if things are worse than in past centuries, but life feels globally scarier to me lately because of all the angles of information available, in documentaries and alternative news sources, that are being studiously ignored. Little can be accomplished to make the world better if humans stay emotionally fragmented from each other and unable to see the issues.

    And all this Ayn Rand crap makes me want to puke! All this stuff feeds my own desire to escape. Talk about your vicious circle.

    1. Hey Sparks! Step away from the remote…. By the same token, I am boycotting TV today. The media has been having a field day for weeks. I thought I would be sick yesterday when they flashed a scene from 9/11. Who could possibly forget? But is all this excessive coverage helpful to anyone? For crying out loud they are publishing soundbytes from 911 calls made that day. Sigh. Thanks for commenting. Looking for a good horror story… 🙂

  4. You were watching Peter Jennings last night, a current broadcast?!? That would be amazing since he passed away Aug 7, 2005. Just saying…otherwise you know how much I love your writing.
    Love ya ~Pinky

    1. Hey Pinky,

      Yeah and?! lol. It was late man, I was sick.It would’ve been better had I been drunk but what the hey. 30 years of friendship entitles you to harassment :).

      Luv ya,


  5. Love your writing, Coco. But I must correct one thing…if you watched Dateline last night and Peter Jennings was on, well—that would be a miracle. He died in 2005 from lung cancer.

    I love your bio—one of the best I’ve read in any blog! Thanks for visiting my blog, too.

    1. Hi Cindy,

      I woke up this morning with a fever and a roiling stomach and of course, reached out for my Blackberry. I howled with laughter when I read your comment and can only say that I must have been getting sick last night when I started this post or maybe was having a AADD moment. Thanks for the correction :). Thanks so much for your comments and support. Your photography is PHENOMENAL.

  6. Ah, boy. Where do I even start? I believe the world is not any worse than it was. It’s just a lot smaller, and easier to “view” from our houses. We’re more aware of the world. And also, the bad guys have more technology. Instead of raiding villages and throwing people in lion pits and beheading people, we have other, more advanced means of hurting people and creating chaos. It’s a shame that the news is full of depressing stories, however there is a reason we watch drama, read drama, and want drama in our lives. For some reason, we are prone to needing adrenaline rushes, and seek these “thrills.” Once we as a society, as a culture, and as a species “evolve” out of craving adrenaline rushes, I think we’ll be able to change what’s put in the media. If we keep garbling it up, of course they’re going to keep shoveling it out.

    I truly believed this before I took any sociology classes. After my first year in college, I’ve become less sure of our power as consumers. If we get conditioning in the mix, we have a slew of “what influenced who.”

    So, as you said, WTF.

    1. Jennifer,

      I always love your comments because they are so insightful. I wanted to sit on this for a bit… So, I agree that the world has shrunk. In fact, it’s about the size of our palm now lol. With increased ease of access and the proliferation of media types it is no wonder we often feel deluged. It is very true that world news is so much more accessible now and as our individual connections have expanded continents so to has our soical consciousness. At least it has for me.

      Perception rules so much so I can see how you would say the world is no worse but am not quite sure I agree. Of course, it could be that awareness makes it seem worse but when I think of recent events in Libya, London, Egypt and the effects of Global Warming I pause to ponder.

      My favorite comment? “Once we as a society, as a culture, and as a species “evolve” out of craving adrenaline rushes, I think we’ll be able to change what’s put in the media. If we keep garbling it up, of course they’re going to keep shoveling it out.”

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