Everyday Heroes


When I was little, I looked to comics and cartoons for heroes. Their super human strength, feats of daring, gear, gadgets and kick ass cars blew my mind wide open. I still remember seeing Christopher Reeve in the supermarket with my friends and we thought we would die. We were only 14 lol. Poor man, just a gaggle of kids standing stupefied and shocked into silence by his mere presence as he was trying to buy milk and eggs. Talk about hero worship!! I still love Superman like nobody’s business. Superman characteristics aside tell me who isn’t bowled over anew by Brandon Routh? My mom would disagree because CR will always be the man for her. Sorry Mom! 🙂

Most of us would say that hero worship is a necessary function. We look to our heroes for possibility, inspiration, a mental safe haven and an elevation beyond the oh so plebian world that we live in.

It’s sad that adulthood brings with it the death of possibilities and belief in the imaginary. I think that’s why so many of us love Harry Potter. We want to believe if only for a moment.

Life is hard. You might question a lot but you don’t question that. You have only to look around you and see what people are assailed with in the simple act of living to know that it is an irrefutable truism.

I recently saw The Beaver starring Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster which dealt with depression. I cursed when I saw what is was about because I was trying to work myself out of a depression but sat through it because of my love for Jodie (not so sure anymore about Mel). I am glad I didn’t switch it of for a comedy because it made me think…

Every person you know has performed acts of heroism but they just don’t know it. We don’t give ourselves credit for the many things that are thrown our way, the simple act of overcoming them is heroic. Let’s face it, there are so many things to break you down: death of a loved one, divorce, privation, poverty, rape, incest, child abuse, drug use, foreclosure, racism, sexism, betrayal and the list goes on. They are a part of life and you must simply sink or swim. Not all of us who are faced with such circumstances survive and many of us that do are broken. When you can survive and thrive, in spite of that thing that could have left you laying on the roadside, you are a hero. Unsung and unnoticed but no less valiant.

We do heroic deeds and not just when the world goes to hell in a handbasket but EVERY SINGLE DAY. The kind smile or compliment that you gave to a stranger, the shoulder you leant someone in a time of crisis, or the words that came from your heart in love and empathy can save someone’s life – even if you ever know it. Your reach, your strength, your empathy which beats at the heart of humanity is infinite in it’s capacity.

So, give yourself a pat on the back. You may not be Superman but you’ve committed phenomenal acts and you just didn’t know it…

We need to be reminded every so often and on days like this in particular.


10 thoughts on “Everyday Heroes”

    1. Mutuo,

      Great to see you here and appreciate your commentary. Ordinary is so plebian :). We strive for extraordinary with a helping of forgiveness when we, all too often, fall short. Love your blog!

  1. We all need heroes, and what a day to reflect on that! Sometimes we summon super human strength, other times its much easier than that. Being there for someone may seem small but it can mean so much. Real friends will be there for you when you are down. Even Superman needed someone to remove the kryptonite from around his neck! Thank you… You are my hero, being a strong woman is a challenge, proud to have you on my side in the fight!

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