Things That Make You Go Hmmm #2

Thanks to Twitter, I caught the Tea Party Debate on CNN last night. Be still my liberal heart. I could prattle on about the idiocy, dirty pool politics and slandering that has become a part of American politics but why bother since it was so wonderfully exemplified. Anyhoo, I expected that. What I did not expect was the response to the hypothetical question about the 30 year old uninsured man.

For those of you that did not watch, the question and response are illustrated here.

I was absolutely stunned that someone(s) in the audience yelled out “Let him die” as applause rolled across the room. I was left to wonder what has become of our fellow Americans and morality in general. How can we, as a so-called civilized society, possibly cheer at the thought of leaving a sick human being to die unaided in the richest (so-called) country in the world?

The conservatives call for accountability and responsibility rather than government sponsored programs aka “handouts” and involvement. They say that our social policies are outdated because clearly previous generations were just idiots and we now have ALL the answers. RIGHT.

Face it, their stance is nothing short of reactionary. Action without thought is stupidity and we are treading dangerous waters when common citizens become so incensed that all they care about is the betterment of self.

The ship which represents the American ideal of home ownership and the middle class is sinking so drastic measures are required to keep the ship aloft blah blah blah. Yes, but at what cost?

It is extremely unpleasant to watch the layers of civility evaporate as people cry “Me first! Damn the rest of you!” It’s like watching the stampede scene from King Kong and just as scary. I did not get the memo because I can’t find any justification that would warrant such behavior. I am ashamed and frankly a little nauseated because I can’t turn off the TV and pretend it doesn’t exist.

Consider life for a moment, if you will. What were you doing at 30?

I was just coming to the end of my Me phase. Just becoming a little less obsessed with clothes (just a little). I was still capable of staying up all night and bouncing off to work on 3 hrs. sleep and was able to function. I was responsible, independent and had been working for 11 years but I still had a feeling of invulnerability. I had never had a serious illness or been hospitalized. I didn’t think about death, retirement etc. It was only at grandmother’s coaxing that I had a 401K. I was just beginning to consider that it might be time to buy something and stop renting, have a child…. In other words, I was still growing up. 

Our paths are not all the same but my point is that it is VERY easy for me to understand a healthy, normal, 30 year old, single adult eschewing health care costs for some more pertinent luxury. No doubt, it would be a fundamental error in judgement but our understanding of the world is slow to develop – no matter what we are taught. *Most of us are paying $500 a month just for ourselves with high deductibles so the $200 – $300 sounds awesome! Can someone tell me what carrier they were referencing? lmao.*

Should disaster strike, I would want to kick my 30 year old son’s ass but I would beg, borrow or steal to help him, just like any good parent would. More so, with the benefit of experience, I would understand his error.

Suppose I was gone and there was no one to help him? No family to rely on, or if saints preserve us, my family was broke? We all know how cheap health care is these days. Would I be happy that the system which I had paid into ALL my life and some of my ancestors had died for to boot would leave him to die unaided?

I would much rather that my hard earned money go to help people than fight wars. Go to educate and empower people than to line the pockets of the rich elite or mentally enslave them with increasingly diminished possibilities for self actualization. It only requires a little from each, damn.

If we can only uphold one another when buildings are on fire what has happened to our souls? I am still positive that I have one and don’t wish to end up like Dorian Gray. Which leads me to wonder just how many of these conservatives have the gall to call themselves Christians.

You do not have to be a liberal, democrat or Christian to value human life. Since the people in the auditorium had such little regard for it maybe we should line them up and shoot them as traitors for the greater good. Extreme, yes? RIGHT.

My final thought on this is to ponder what is happening to man as God and religion become less prevalent in our everyday lives. People claim they can comport themselves in an ethical and moral manner without God but evidence does not lie.


8 thoughts on “Things That Make You Go Hmmm #2”

  1. Morning Sparks,

    I often contemplate the same things, although it doesn’t make for easy thinking. Human beings have unlimited creative power and yet we are the most destructive force on the planet. I was wondering the other day if the acts are balanced but wasn’t able to come up with a satisfactory answer.

    I love the idea of your think tank and your perserverance. Thoughts and efforts like that, change the world. 6 Degrees of Separation…

    Thank you for sharing. I always look forward to your insightful and hearfelt commentary.


  2. Empathy is being eclipsed by the many faces of greed. It’s not just our country. I feel the pain of these issues so much, and I wonder why, as a whole, humans don’t really learn. I guess it’s because not all of us want to.

    1. Re,

      Happy Hump Day! I’ve contemplated that as well and wish I had an answer. It’s rather enraging for those of us that do.

      Clearly, “they” have never seen “The Day The Earth Stood Still”. I think the 1951 version was better than the one made in 2008 btw. It’s one of the many films which illustrate the denseness of our species, if you are a Sci-Fi buff.

      Best thing to do, use your art as a weapon and a beacon.

      1. I love that movie, too. Most of my pain and fear about the human race comes from talking to people who have heard the kind of message of that film, as well as other works of art, with their ears but who either snicker at it or dissect it’s “ridiculousness” before it reaches their heart.

        I’m a dreamer like John Lennon wrote about in “Imagine” but I also have the curse of being a realist. All the people who studiously refuse to “see” give me little hope that this planet won’t stop supporting us soon (in a couple of centuries or less) as it should reject any malevolent bacteria or virus with regard only for itself (or its mightiest components.) If you think about us from the natural world’s point of view, that’s what we are. Sometimes I think of us as a weird sort of mold.

        Not that I’ve given up — I did bring a child into this world. For me, raising a happy, intelligent and aware human being was an important responsibility. We are all capable of so much beauty and grace. And I do have a dream of achieving the monetary success neccessary to fund a think tank to try to figure out how to reach people with the simple truths, with the same energy most corporations use to push their lies. But the fact that I need to be rich to do that points out one of our severest flaws.

  3. Perfect, Cindy. I was watching Meet The Press last weekend and they fleetingly mentioned a new party. I’ve been meaning to Google it because at this point I believe it is the best answer. It is so broken I can’t see how it can be fixed. I like your soapbox! 🙂

    1. Here! Here! Maybe a new party is the answer….I’d like to see a party that combines the best of both conservative and liberal thinking, if that is even remotely possible!

      Did I understand that you have a landscaping/design business? Very cool! Do you have a website for it?

      Thanks again for your lovely comment on my blog. I do so appreciate it!

  4. Coco, I’m in complete agreement with you on the state of our health care system. What I do object to is that the dirty politics is played on BOTH sides, both conservative and liberal. I am an independent and I’m sick of BOTH sides playing the game. When Democrats are in power, they are consumed with it and don’t play fair with the other side. When Republicans are in power, they are consumed with it and don’t play fair with the side. With both parties, it appears to be all or nothing. And this administration is no different. Both play dirty, both don’t fight fair. What I do object to is when Liberals call out anyone who objects to their party or their current president. The same goes for conservatives. It’s just how things are. It’s called freedom of speech for a reason. I wish there were more choices in parties because I’m not happy with either party these days. Enjoyed your posting; I’m off my soapbox now!

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