The Transitory Nature of Joy

I woke up this morning with a feeling of Joy. My initial intention was to lay there mulling over it, analyze it and hold it to me so like the air from a balloon, it would not escape. A loud voice within me cried out that this would be a mistake lol. “Go with it” seems a much better course of action. By the time I finished, it might have dissipated in the wake of some of the things I am happy about. After all, there is almost always a fly in the soup.

I read once that your emotional state is a choice, one that we don’t often take advantage of, in our backbreaking rush to succumb to whatever ails us – at the moment. That is, of course, an unreasoned response which mirrors our primordial nature. Life is made up of moments that so often we are just trying to get through. To stop and contemplate an ephemeral rainbow, a passing cloud or the colors of the sunrise, is to align yourself temporarily with a thing greater than you, unknowable and haunting in their beauty and timelessness. Use beauty to arm yourself – Carpe Diem.

I like excercising choice so much better.

So, I chose to scramble out of bed to revel in this feeling. I attired myself in shades of pink and purple, went in search of a cup of java and stopped at the window to enjoy, momentarily, the last days of my garden’s splendor. All that in hand, I found myself right HERE 🙂

Being right here with you makes me happy. Being in a state of happiness opens you up to greater happiness and I like that just fine. I know, of course, why I am smiling and almost none of these things have anything to do with me but why not share them as they might make you happy too.

Yesterday, was a historic day. October 15, 2011 will live in my memory as a day that was witness to a collective consciousness that joined people together in purpose, love and solidarity – worldwide.

A Change Is Gonna Come, expect it. It has already begun. It needs to be harnessed and clearer demands articulated but such an outpouring of unity makes me feel hopeful and empowered.

To add to my glee, today is a historic day, Dr. Martin Luther King’s monument is being unveiled and dedicated in Washington D.C. Check OUT President Obama’s speech. We must carry on the work of the dreamers who fearlessly gave their lives to make this world a better place. The world is worth fighting for.

I like riding the winds of change so much better.

Here is a very cool post by one of my Blog Sisters, Angelika Beener. It’s very fitting that I am sitting here surrounded by auditory splendor :).

Just two things but they are pretty BIG things.

I often think about how transitory happiness is. It can’t be bottled, or ingested by a pill. We search fruitlessly for people that will make us happy and read self-help books that will tell us how to get to that place. In a word, futility.

It seems clear to me that we aren’t meant to be happy all the time but I’m good with that. If it were a constant feeling it would not be so uplifting and revelatory. It is the nature of life, our days are balanced (or not), by moments of dark despair, sadness, mundane activities, ongoing responsibilities, enervating fear, insecurities, aspirations and flashes of joy unbidden, which like rainbows reveals to us the state of perfection that can be achieved. Sometimes all you need to do is be open to receive it. Keep seeking, the answer, the articulation, lies within.


6 thoughts on “The Transitory Nature of Joy”

    1. Hey Olga!

      It’s great to see you here. Among my blessings for 2011, I count the many friends that I have made and am happy that you are one of them. 🙂

      I am also happy that we did not get to see Black Swan as I was underwhelmed. I hope we can pick up where we left off. and that you are doing your gardening thang. I keep running to my window trying to drink it in before it’s all gone!! Peace.


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