It’s a wrap! goes live

So, I’ve been slacking a bit on the blog front. Sorry! I have been spending a great deal of time Tweeting and emerging myself in causes. Keeping up with Occupy Wall Street is a full time job but a labor of love. The end of the gardening season *sob* is at hand and I am in a shopping frenzy for my clients. There really is nothing better than shopping with someone else’s money!

Somehow, I’ve also managed to get my Erotica website ready for primetime. For those of you that appreciate Eros, check me out at I aim to make it as diverse as what’s here with an emphasis on adult content. If sex is not your thing lol, I will not be offended. 😉

Tomorrow, we return to our regular scheduled programming and will turn our pen to OWN’s Miss Representation (aka The Ills of Feminism).


2 thoughts on “It’s a wrap! goes live”

  1. Love this post and your thoughts on Occupy Wall Street. Just checked out your new site. Multi-faceted! I learned today that you are a very talented writer of erotica. I’ll be back for more.

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