President Obama To Announce Actions On Housing & Student Loans

Check out what President Obama’s been up to here. Color me tickled pink!

Can I say just how proud I am of President Obama? Oh boy, am I. Just think, last week, was full of memorable political milestones. From the death of Gaddafi, to the Announcement of the end of the TEN year Iraq war (cursing the warmonger GWB under my breath) to this latest turn of events that will affect the lives of millions.

Dare I say, that Obama is exercising his political muscle? What a welcome sight it is. These latest announcements move him up a notch, in my estimation, to a brilliant tactician. I can’t wait to hear the details.

The GOP must be wringing their hands and tearing out their hair as this shows them up for the obstructionist jackazzes that they are beneath the roar, rhetoric and stupidity that pollutes their entire camp. I can’t wait to see the backlash. Undoubtedly, there will be a hue and cry as to why this is a bad move but they better tread carefully as the drowning public, at large, will not appreciate their CONTINUE TO DO NOTHING BUT MESS WITH OBAMA attitude.

The soldiers are coming home and they will need something more than parades to feed their families.

Let them eat cake indeed!!!

Is it enough? Certainly not, but it’s a damn good start. 🙂


9 thoughts on “President Obama To Announce Actions On Housing & Student Loans”

  1. I am proud of what Obama is doing right now. I think he is showing strong leadership and making some important decisions to move forward, with or without Congress behind him. Great article, Coco!

  2. Girl, where you at? Miss your comments which serve to enhance my wee posts! 🙂 My hat comes off to the Commander in Chief. It’s about damn time our soldiers came home!

    1. Hi Bella,

      Sorry! I’ve been reading your posts but haven’t had a chance to comment. You provide me with a daily dose of laughter and down to earthness (lol) that I’m quickly becoming addicted to.

      I loved the post about the double standards bt. men and women :). Heading over to comment now.

    1. Hi D,

      There was no details released when I posted this. The announcement was made later today on the Mortgage loans. I believe the Student Loan info will be announced later this week. I am rooting around now for an article containing the FHA details, will post.

  3. Nailed it, Coco! Mawwwwning!

    The successes of the Obama administration do not go unnoticed by me, or anyone else with half a lens, or ounce of humanity. However, as I sat and watched the last CNN debate, I could barely contain myself as I watched the contenders take cheap shots at each other, via their insipid disdain for Obama and/or any of the progress that he has made on behalf of America, as a whole. As if that debate wasn’t enough fodder for Obama’s camp, then there was the announcement that our troops will be coming home, and the death of Gaddafi. It was just the icing that I needed on my humorous cake!!

    I can’t say that I am ecstatic about either party right now, but I am happy with the progress that we’ve made. Moreover, I never had expectations that Obama would/ could rectify his inheritance, and make things right for America, with one wave of his Messianic scepter! Surely, we’re still in a pickle with regards to the economy, but there is no short-term solution that will “fix” this problem that clearly took years of misguided policies, abusive financial practices, and overspending to create. Folks weren’t as up in arms until the fallout began affecting their personal pocketbooks, and put us all at risk.

    I pray that we can be more transparent and revolutionary in our thinking about what’s best for this country, without regard to party, or any other factor that continues to create an even wider gap between the disenfranchised and privileged.

    For our troops, I pray that upon their return, they receive the necessary medical services, job placement, and/or other services that they will require to re-immerse into society.

    1. Hi Empress,

      Eloquent and on point, as always.

      “I pray that we can be more transparent and revolutionary in our thinking about what’s best for this country, without regard to party, or any other factor that continues to create an even wider gap between the disenfranchised and privileged.” That is definitely something worth praying for.

      May we all live to see more positive changes for the better.

  4. Unfortunately for our country, this sentence you wrote:

    obstructionist jackazzes that they are beneath the roar, rhetoric and stupidity that pollutes their entire camp….

    describes BOTH parties. I don’t like either of them, unfortunately…not that it matters in the whole scheme of things. Both parties are so flawed that it’s laughable. They BOTH point fingers, both assign blame. It’s really sad these days.

    Good on Obama on the latest happenings! He can be commended for that most definitely. I give credit where credit is due, I’m happy to say….but I draw the line at accusing one party of being “better” than the other. It’s simply not so from my perspective.

    1. Morning Cindy,

      Thank you for chiming in 🙂 I agree with you, to a point. I align myself with Democratic ideals as they mirror my personal views. I agree that both camps are polluted with corruption but in the absence of anything better I am choosing what I consider to be the lesser of two evils. It may be a lack of vision on my part but I don’t see any viable third option arising in the near future. Or, at least in enough time to make a difference for the election. We need legislation to curtail political corruption but will never weed it out in its entirety.

      I am a staunch Obama supoorter for many reasons but mostly because he embodies a strength, empathy and intelligence that I rarely see in anyone in the political arena. I respect him for that and for the difference he is attemting to make.

      I recall us discussing this before on another post. Did you have info. on another party? Or, maybe that was Sparks.

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