My First Blog Awards: Can You Say Gleeful?

I thought I would take this opportunity to write a blessedly brief post. 🙂 Maybe you noticed the new icons on my side bar? Ok, maybe not.

I am the happy recipient of the Versatile Blogger & Kreative Blogger Awards thanks to my friend Annie. Annie is a fellow Blogger who lives here. Her blog is called Atoll Annie and The Non-Specifc Rim. You should check her out because she is an excellent writer who pens very cool and unusual stories. Three stars to all us passionate writers with talent and heart! 

As she has done, I will pass them along to some fellow Bloggers who slavishly share their ink with the world – with an eye to versatility. As soon as I have time to contemplate since there are so many Bloggers I have come to love.

Long live the Blogosphere!


4 thoughts on “My First Blog Awards: Can You Say Gleeful?”

  1. So glad you like the awards. It’s not often you get two at the same time, but if anyone deserves it, it’s you! I have never been disappointed when I come to your page. Your opinion is strong and well-founded. Not to mention your other site that is incredibly well-written. More awards to come, Coco!

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